Friday, April 25, 2014

Who Wants To Find A $ Trillion Dollars?

===  PART IX ===


When you point-out the contradictions they were brainwashed with, they go crazy.  That's what PhDs "brought to the plate."  Not me.  ('they' is figurative)


BTW --- lol … anybody that knows me, would also know I'd never end such a 'divided-document' without it having nine parts.  lol

It always just works-out that way.  I don't know why.  Weird.

 -- but, in the scheme of things, this really is no bigger than one book of any bible.  "Do ALL the 'religious' do their 'bible chapter reading' the same way?" I was asked to analyze that.  Me.  Not you.  That is MY MISSION, not yours.


Therefore, it's just "my chapter" in the "scheme of things."  The Rector told you in Homily.


 -- (what ELSE are they BLIND to, with their "eyes that do not see" and their "ears that look like ears but do not hear?") -- TaNaKh

 -- does your version of "unconditional-love" and "faith" make you think we hope for extinction, for death-camps for you and everybody else?  That is Armageddon.  We're not suppossed to hope for it.  It's obscenity to hope for such things, because it means AllThings FAILED.  It never meant: "wiped-out by divine love in a divine plan."  Whatever your faith, the love is preventing it to preserve real life, not fake life in some off-planet undisclosed location of imagination.

Celibacy for Gay Priests, while contracted IN SERVICE anywhere, any faith, and Lesbians too, is just as vital for homosexuals as heterosexuals or bisexuals, otherwise, it appears as "advice" and "judgements" based on "personal experiences"  -- NOT YOURS BUT THEIRS -- and that is exactly the judgements we must not do, or prove bias, thusly tainting "unconditional love."  That is a HUGE and VAST statement.  " …'nuf said …" about it.  That said, PhDs demand that people say, "without experiencing it personally, how could they possibly relate to it, relate to me, relate to my circumstances?"  We're not supposed to.  Politicians?  Yes.  Priests, no.  Nuns?  Kinda-sorta to 'bridge-the-gap' a bit with different types of Priesthoods ALL-INCLUSIVE throughout the RCC.  That's all.  Simple.  Enough said.

So to women I say unto thee:  " …unless you are a PERFECT VIRGIN, " ...why dost thou judge me?" or judge anyone, or my church through that 'lens'?"

Well, maybe I should clarify a bit:  see, a Priest isn't allowed to judge the people living within an environment, only strive to find ways to make the environment less hostile for all people within it.  Not force it, suggest it.  That's all.  Rabbis work with that, within it.  That is the way the world works. (and some Rabbis don't get it either, and PhDs have worked feverishly to make sure of it).


 -- that's why isolation is "inflicted segregation," therefore wrong, for anybody, including me.


 -- and did you know, that contrary to "public perceptions," all faiths, at their root, the "big-box religions," at their root, really have strived to work together at it, and bring back the technologies that really does work, not delay it?  And are deeply ashamed that just "reaching out" results in so much conflict, time and time again?  THEY MUST BE ALLOWED TO INNOVATE, and PhDs stole it from them, "manualizing" everything.


Did I ever ask anybody to blind-faith "just believe" anything? Anything at all?  No.  You did.  Not me.  It's all YOUR HEAD issues.  Not mine.

Unless you can write the PERFECT WORDS to instill some form of 'hope', some form of 'optimism,' as pure of contradictions as you are while pointing-fingers at me, it's ENTRAPMENT to make me behave like you.

 -- and you "just believe" people, do you really think you have anything at all to offer me in assistance in understanding anything about anything at all?  Do you know the arrogance of it?  The insult of it?

 -- unless you (figurative use of 'you' here and throughout) -- unless you have a fairly good 'grasp' on all these needlessly overly-complicated concepts, concepts I did not overly-complicate, so don't blame me, (a 'concept' in itself),  -- so, unless that, please do not attempt talking with me about it.

********* ********* *********

Did you know that when Snowden asked Putin that question, that President Putin was embarassed to answer it?  You've all been brainwashed to accuse him of lieing, "assumption of guilt until concocted guiltier."  He has so much respect for Snowden, that he allowed the question, because of the wrongs inflicted against his mind/spirit/body, by PhD-controlled 'systems.'  Putin was embarassed because he instantly knew, instantly, that the question, if not answered, would further crush Snowden's spirit, harming him, right in front of his people, before the eyes of the world.  He is that sensative, that courteous.  But guess what?  Even his embarassments are mis-perceived by our PhD 'geniuses.'  I think he always assumed that was "plain as day" to everybody.  See, it put him on the spot, where no matter his words, his word choices, it will be construed by PhDs and their political faith-based cult, as " … yet another example of dirty russians thinking they're better than everyone, pointing at some 'perceived flaw' in the pathetic attempt at making himself (and all Russians) out, as being, "superior," and by everything he knows to the core of his being, being Russian, ad hominem is obscenity.

 -- that's why he's that careful in his responses, not to make himself "look great" as we are brainwashed to perceive.

Have you ever worked with Russians?  With Ukranians?  I have.  Don't you know anything at all about them?  Their culture?  Their heritage?  Their history?  Or did an accent, SOUND OF VOICE, trigger a pre-programmed 'hate-response' in you so that you did not listen?  Know anything about heir day-to-day trials and tribulations? And just because some immigrate, that doesn't mean they were either 'hated' out of there,  NOR hate it there, necessarily.  People immigrate from here to there, too, for all kinds of reasons, hatreds having nothing to do with it, just friends, family, pursuits of happiness, frankly, just love.  I've never met one that hated it there, that hated their people or country, until trained to, here, or trained to say it here for their own safety, compelled to.   Or, do you just claim to understand these things?

********* ********* *********

Anyway, "poked in my 'minds-eye,' I am.  I never appreciate that.  Nobody does. Ya' think that is part of some "divine plan' or one that you didn't follow? (poke my finger at the air a few times, raise a middle-finger to the sky, say, "ya' used to it yet?"  Me, neither." I vocalize to … nobody here but me and my cat.  Sure, I talk to my cat.  But not then.  Not at that moment.  I was talking to who?  Myself?  Are you nuts?  Do you think the 'experts' would tell me that if that is some type of effort to "communicate with g*d", then I should be … what?  killed?  Doped?  or, just the world censored from me, lest ye comprehend MY WORDS?

So, if it "up to the experts," I should learn NOT to be honest?  Do you think El Shaddai would appreciate that?  I think it's a poke in she/he/it's "mind's eye," or as an author once called it, "the mote in g*d's eye."  Clark?  I'm not sure, but I think it was Arthur C. Clark, maybe Robert Heinlein, I dunno for sure, maybe another author, I've read many different genre'.

Well, from MY "Hebrew perspective," looking through "that lens,"  I can imagine, emphasis on imagine, it could be worded something like this:  

Hebrew:  " … they sacrificed a Lamb of G*d at a Cathdral in Spokane, Washington, United States, the whole place a contradiction.  Nobody did or said a thing, just stood there and defended nobody, then gave thanks.  Did you see the Lamb (pedestrian) hit by a train, on the news, just laying there.  Everybody just drove by.  I don't think they're sane there, and they think I'm an idiot if I say anything at all about it.  Sad, sad, situation."

PhD cult:  "REGISTERING NAMES AND PRIVATE INFO at a Cathedral in Spokane, Washington?  That's Vladmir Putin in the Ukraine, registering Jews' names/privates!  They're Russians!  We have strictly professional reasons for doing it, and unless you have a degree in it that proves your credentials are greater than mine, which I know it isn't, what right do you have to violate my pursuits of defending our country against tyrant's like Purtin?  Are you aiding and abetting Enemies of the State, or off your meds?"  

Then, after that 'imagining,' based on a whole lot of real-life experiences, I'm watching a TV show, and the next thing I know, another show.  The previous had ended, I didn't even notice, my thoughs consumed 'churching' through things 'stirr-edup' not of my doing, and TV had nothing to do with it.  A 'poke' in "mind's eye" did.

See, I think the President and his VP are far too-reliant on PhD's whom they are surrounded by, "experts" in so-called "everything."  But the problem is, PhD's only talk to themselves.  They don't "hang-out" with "me and mine" unless it's an "clandestine photo-op" or exercise in "human experimentation" of us.  And by 'us,' I mean, anybody that isn't a PhD.  The 'expert' advising the President got their "pier reviewed' (supposedly) info from other PhDs.   All of it, a "succession-chain" of "scapegoats" to 'sacrifice' -- (take the blame) -- if ANYTHING goes 'wrong,'  (meaning: 'they didn't get their name "up in lights.")  

NONE ever walked in MY SHOES, or those of anyone I know. 

Here's the thing:  we're in an ASSYMETRICAL WAR, under attack, " …. in him, through him, within him, "  (from all conceivable 'sides').  But, here's the "other thing,"  we all are, even those being targeted as "enemies."  And the Ukranian Parliament is completely out-of-control.  They unleashed military operations, combat, against citizens.  They did.  The President fled, the 2nd President to FLEE.

And this President, our President, Obama, can only see 'evil' in Russia.  He's made "nuts" by PhDs, which he is one too, "pre-programmed" to ONLY give "credibility" to PhDs.  And so is Biden.

Did you see the news, about the family that grows 100% natural plants, just for themselves, not a "drug operation" or "distribution network" --- they use the plants, as an Ancient Herbal Rememdy, and were arrested for it by the Feds?  Jailed, their privates invaded, their private property seized?  The Obama people saying "our efforts are to focus on drug cartels and gangs" but doing the opposite, right in front of your eyes?  Did you lift a finger?  Did you say a thing?  Anything at all to defend that family from PhDs (who wrote every rule, regulation, law and signed-off on every manual and procedure and resource-allocation?)

See, if I were King for a day, I would command the military to defend that family RIGHT THIS SECOND, and say nothing to anybody that says or blocks or hinders or delays the operation, which would be to surround whatever facilities those peoples' private property is being held in, retrieve it, package it like the most fragile glass in existence, and with the accommodations afforded Presidents only, and appologetically, make certain those people are immediately transported back to their home, with much cash and security, and at least 3-times whatever was stolen from them, monthly, for three years.  RIGHT NOW.

 -- and anybody that burdens those private citizens with anything, even a word, be "manhandled" out of their way, instantly.

What was Obama doing?  Photo-op'g from slide-victims. All real-work came to a screaching halt.  Thousands of "look-i-loos" came to peer into the privates of victims at their most vulnerable -- and all the resources that would have been used to help The People who are hurting for real, their former lifestyles shattered, traumatized, all the money for the President's pomp-and-ceremony, better spent helping them RIGHT NOW.  And when all that work is done, then evaluate how much resources of The People is "affordable" to spend on "cheerleading for rescuers" cover-stories as photo-ops.   Every one of those workers felt guilty standing there in a ceremony, a flippin' photo-op, while the work was being ignored to help The People. NOT TO MENTION THE NOISE!

What would I do, if King for the day?  To me, a real Leader, would have had drones there, instantly, monitoring and communicating with those really needing help or giving it.  That's where The Peoples' resources are best spent and most needed. It PROVES a TOP/DOWN response, because then, the HEAD is with YOUR NEIGHBOR, working together.  I would tell them, in a manner where they could access my words AT THEIR CONVENIENCE, that there is no manual for it, no "rehearsals," nothing to prepare anybody for it -- so, ask them what they need, and make any resources available to them so they may INNOVATE non-PhD "manuals" (procedures) on-the-spot.  But to a PhD, and their professional-unions, that is "obscenity."  That's where the President's head is.

And they directed a Cathedral to collect privates about me, TO REGISTER me, while blaming Russia.

See, Russia can't say a damned thing about it, or they'd 'tip-off' those doing it.  If they do or say anything to defend Ukranians, they get blamed for what our own President is doing.  None of 'em are crossing into Russia now, and Russians have only Putin to thank for that.  He put his head in a noose for peace, and this President just wants war.  Any WORD will do.

I've seen "voter pandering" and all it's ugly manifestations many times in my life, but this one "takes the take and cake," because only a "gang of PhDs" can even say anything about it.

There's your "gang activity," EXACTLY.

The money to harass that family, those resources consumed, could have fed thousands, or provided electricity to 57,000 homes for a day.  That's what JUST A FEW PhDs consumed in an "eye-blink."  Not me.


 -- (even a 4 yr-old could figure-out the response here, unless a PhD wrote the cirriculum) :   " I AM  "       *** name of g*d to Catholics *** (because nobody is being defended, so what other response is logical, see?)

 -- so, it molests the environment they are born into, thusly molesting their minds.  PhDs that is, now.

 -- which is violating their religious rights AND RITES.  That's what the PhD cult brought to it YOUR FAMILY.  To all of your families.  Not me.

That PhD cult is "in-charge" of every aspect of everything now.  Their "help" is "attacks," now.  Their "advice" is "weapons," now, because only they get to "use 'em," or even dispute 'em.

They live in BUBBLES while I worship in BOOTHS with YOU, The People.  So they bring their hate, those attacks to worship, consuming the resources, causing the "global warming" they blame on me?  You?  Not them, because they are endless irrefutable excuses, faux "divine wisdom," and all whom questions is "possessed" and medicated.

Under the auspices of "perfect wisdom," they medicated me and ruined my marriage.  I can't take drugs.  I didn't know.  Say anything, they give you more.  They don't take "personal responsibility" for anything, just blame, and consume, all fake "majesty," it's obscenity to me.

They invaded our privates, turned us into human experiments.  Those drugs make me feel like I don't want to live.  I was brainwashed to call it "ideation."  But it isn't.  I don't have a suicidal thought in my being.  I just thought "ideate," as they instructed me, was sitting around wondering if living it, was worth it, and thinking it wasn't, which throws a person into a panic, and they get all "flighty," and there isn't a person in the world that can't see it.  They're blind to it.  They drive-by injured pedestrians in roads, sometimes just run over 'em.  That's the "new improved, cleaner, better, greener, brighter, whiter," environment they "molded."  Not me.

They prescribe 'em to kids like candy and look how many they killed.  But their "ministrations" is "safe" for me?

The Pope has to come here now.  He has to spend the money he would have approved to help the needy, in order to come here now, to fix it (which is helping the needy so I'm okay with it).  Only he can fix it, expell it, bless it.  Until then, I am asking all Jews/Jew-ish to help my Parish, please, work together, please, and that includes all of "my people," the GLBTQ people (non-believers, 'goys' alike), all part of the same Parish which includes the Jew/Jew-ish too, the homeless, and the PhDs, all of it.  Innovate it now, please.

Now keep this in mind:  that half-billion, had it been mine to disperse (previous post), I'd have made KESHET ("kiss-it') a House first; and renovated the Cathedral, but the way I want to do it costs about that much, because the Assisted Living Tower would be enveloped in it, and NONE of those residents lives would be disturbed for one moment.  THEN, I'd have some type of one-on-one "outreach" that attaches to the balconies, one resident at a time, and move them, one at a time, no more than an hour or two, or three, or three days, whatever it takes, individually, apologizing for every moment for adding STRESS to these people during the TIME OF THEIR NEED, and when all are proved to me to be safe, rebuild it.

The 89 yr-old, on the news, who always smoked.  You dare add STRESS at the TIME OF HER NEED?  To what?  "help" her?  YOU ARE NUTS if you think it.  Only PhDs think it, and brainwash others to think it's "okay."  It isn't.  Why put stress on her when you and she both know she is here for only an "eye-blink" in the scheme of things?  That YEAR LONG STRESS RITUAL is a "show" they intentionally inflicted upon her, and I know it, and it's called shradenfraude.  Further, if your five-senses offends thee, cut 'em off when it comes to using your five-senses as excuses to fake "offenses", claiming "insult and injury" from your fake "wounds" as excuses to ridicule and scorn another in the pathetic attempt at making one's self-out as 'superior, have you no decency?

She's striving to come-to-terms, to cope with, END OF LIFE, and your petty issue is what?  about who?  you!

ABC employees are the only ones helping her, but they have no authority, and will lose their jobs if they don't just stand there and watch, and talk, instead of do.

PhDs set-it-up that way -- set them up, that way.  How would you deal with that stress?  Oh, that's right:  perfect.  Eh?

Mark Zuckerberg -- remember when I thanked him?  The entire FaceBook Team and Mission Statement?  Do you think my compliment is a "flatter' for money?  It isn't.  By my faith, he is fulfilling a mission for you.  That said, the text-window software is the stupidest I've seen.  I'm sorry, Mark, but it's outright dumb.  PhD-dumb.  Each post, the displayable area, should self-adjust the viewable text.  Tap or click or whatever for the next PAGE, dumbass.

Please forgive me, I'm sorry.  But for crying out loud!  It's so frustrating.  I think people could kill themselves or harm others over such stupid sh*t.

See those kids in the wheel-wells of airplanes?  It disturbs so many lives, regardless of the outcome, it's so selfish to inflict us with.  PUT SENSORS IN THE WHEEL WELLS DUMBASSES.

PhDs want billions to "study" it, and consume resources flying-around on "greehouse-gas-free" "magic carpets" talking about it, for a decade or two, then control a bureacrazy to "regulate it," (read: ridicule for not "doing it right" when anybody says it's stupid.)

Residents are bleary-eyed and standing in the streets like zombies yelling about it. 


For decades, one or two, here and there, they just keep showing GUSHING WOUNDS right in front of 'em, and nobody does or says anything about it, and PhDs just concoct new 'rules' to hide it.

 -- forgive me, to hide them.  They are people.  Real persons.

I have always said, because of heritage I'm thinking, THE ANSWERS ARE ALWAYS IN THE COMPLAINTS, it's in my TaNaKh, it's all part of Living Torah, I thought every child 'goyim' knew that.  I beg forgiveness for assuming it.  My whole life, I assumed it.  ** embarrassed;  cheecks-burning moment, every time I think of it ** because they use words that claim they "get it," so I feel deceived by it too.  See?  See how that works?  We all do it, everyone in this environment.

Anyway, that yelling, the anger … all over the region; results of the inflicted insults and stress:

It's driven our residents mad, not just insane.  It's not just a 'gay' issue or 'str8' issue or 'protestant' issue, or any one group or person(s) issue now,  and currently, those are diversions working against us. Stop it, please, right now.  Be healed of it.  It's perversion.

Oh, let me guess, in this environment, the built-in 'tools' for residents to use to help them, have been PhD'd "reformed" out of it, so even if a 'tool' is reached for, knowingly or not, a resident needs a 3rd-party 'arbitrator' without their prior consent.  So they demand the "right to 3rd-party arbitration" and demand a vote for it in private institutions, while denying it to residents, innocent people with nothing to do with any of it.

My Aunt got 'jesus' in her, late in life, and you know what her "unconditional-love" is all about in regards to handling the Middle East, inclusive of Israel?  "Nuke 'em all."

 -- I know not a Catholic whose knees would not grow weak, just hearing it.  That's what is heard from Protestants, often.  It's using their religious-motivated antagonism to abuse those of Catholic faith, then ridicule and scorn 'em for whatever reaction is provoked out of 'em.  Ever watched late-night TV "Jack Van Impe Presents?"  That's what PhDs do.  To everything.  Even the simplest, most BASIC things.  Again, does it really take four-hands to piddle?


Did that cult mess with the heads of my friends and relatives too? 


Because of my heritage?  Ethnicity?  Race?  Faith?  Private Health Info?  Finances?  Education?  Free-associations?  Employment history or status?  Have they no decency?  How would I know?

Did you see Edward Snowden ask on live TV, ask of Putin, " … does Russia have programs to collect/sell/monitor private-info of millions of citizens …" and President Putin thought about it, had to politely "cork" his laughter (lest he cry), and just say, sadly, "no," -- and then I realized why he was sad, and, why he was proud to say it.  It was no rehearsed script.  It was no figurative, "dancing with the stars."  Snowden must be blessed for it.  He proved they are all lieing and scapegoating.

And, I admit, I laughed and laughed and ROFLMFAO'd, then I remembered the sadness in Russians (a WRENCHED HIP intentionally inflicted upon them), and  then I was proud of all Russians, too, doesn't matter if they coordinated the question-and-answer session or not, the fact is, somehow or another, right in front of the noses of that world PhD-cult and it's prof'l union minions, they finally made that point LOUD AND CLEAR that Russians really do get some things right (while our President isn't), to all 'americans' and all people equally, but we're told they are idiots and evil.  So now, both are never shown on TV now -- and the whole thing 'buried.'  Resurrect it, I say.  See, here, every time those "minions" show-up, claiming to be all "sensative" and "understanding," and "spotlighting softly" to "highlight your positive accomplishments," they have completely different agendas, using you/me/we/us as their 'tools,' just like the Taliban and Chechyn Supremacists.

And, all the PhDs are doing is putting cops in the middle of their public "shows," as yet another scapegoat.  Cops aren't PhDs.  Only led around by the nose by 'em.  They didn't sign-off on anything, they just get blamed for it, in concocted environments PhDs took all the money saying they  "studied it" and "fixed it" or are "studying it" and "fixing it" while hating me for "taking too long" at whatever I'm doing (with no resources), with an excuse why everybody else didn't "contribute enough."

 -- (reminder: they, any PhD, were BORN INTO IT, as we all are, "good intentioned" but, look at our training and tools … and resources … wtf?  No individual can be singled-out for any of it, except or until concocted.  So don't.  We need their "microcosm-oriented" tunnel-vision to analyze something.  Isn't it irony, we know and they don't?  Did we call them, any of 'em, personally, "stupid?"  Never.  REMEMBER NOW, PLEASE.

 -- the people trained within the environment PhDs control, even when trying to be honest, use words that they were taught within said 'environment,' AFTER it became PhD-controlled, that belie their intentions.  So no matter what the issue, or alert, or warning, a PhD "looks good" and everybody else looks like sh*t.  And that's why they give super-sensationalized faux 'awards' to those proving that agenda, not to those "out of the loop" of it (except for photo-ops, or a twisted-lens agenda, some tangential 'point' to make themselves "look good.")

Anybody, living in Spokane, of "my people" (GayLandIs), especially who grew-up here, or young, now working anywhere near my Uncle in HIS TIME OF NEED, needs be re-assigned now, too, because of it.  Right now.  And gently.  Very, very gently, because it's not about faith-based disputes, is it?  Of course not.  That was used as a 'tool' against us, to attack us, giving my Uncle's Mind's Eye a poke in HIS TIME OF NEED.  It's shameful and is obscenity to me.  Do you know what he says about the 'shame' they vomit on MY LAP? throughout MY real Gay Life?  "It's their shame," and those three words, JUST THREE WORDS, proves his sanity and purness of heart.  And for the first time in history, that natural-exchange between his Son and I, had him as a witness, and vice versa.  And it just "worked-out that way" naturally.  No rehearsals.  No scripts.  All other words meaningless.  Nothing more need be said.  As "plain as day" as the Message regarding the Egg I gave the Rector amongst faith-based 'circles,' the healthiest exchange amongst men I've ever witnessed.  There was more real love, in moments, in his hospital room, than I have seen from "my people" in decades in this city, this region, this PhD-controlled circus.

The entire block needs be surrounded by clergy and their selected, their own vigil, no words, no statements, no explanations.  Silence.  Silent Vigil.  Be it 15-minutes or all night long, be it once or many.

Where else did the PhD cult follow me and ask a clergy to REGISTER?  How many were contacted that I never contacted, to REGISTER?  They have molested by church and synogogue now too with REGISTRIES?  Because of me?

You owe MARCUS RENO MCKIBBEN $385,001 a month for life, and me too, and by the looks of it, a whole lot of people of Spokane.  If he's dead now, YOU KILLED HIM.

Were they active at my place of employment?  Which one?  YOU OWE THEM THREE TIMES THE VALUE OF THEIR EQUITY at time of your intrusion to the last moment monies paid.

Did they follow me from West Coast to East Coast?  Make my employer REGISTER me too?  Did they ruin my career too?  And blamed me?  Did you burden by co-workers with new STRESS to take-out on me?

Is that what happened there?  What other companies?  Hotels, too?

 ******* I had a head injury.  And they gave me poison. 'nuf said. *******

There's no "balance of power" here at all, is what I'm tryin' to say.  People, all over the country, the entire world, are standing there, yelling osbscenities at it, all of it, their Mind's Eye so poked, and their ability to freely-express themselves has been robbed of them by snail-paced 'dumbass' PhDs, the same Phds that "signed-off" on the "language skills" and anything with any audio word in it, on it, through him within him, throughout him …" everything published, everything heard, everything seen.  Not me.  Not the RCC.  Not Gays, either, not even 'gay' Priests who are hated "within, throughout, and outside" the body, be it during contractually-obligated to a Diocese or not, who 'closet' ten-times, unaware, what they 'closet,' so much for so many others, taking the blame, per PhDs, for something they were BORN INTO TO and have no one but their faith to struggle through it.  It's a witch-hunt.  The stereo-typing while claiming it isn't, all PhD controlled, directed, "manualized," and if they have their way, UNIONIZED, the voices of Priests of ANY persuasion, SILENCED by a "3-rd party" to "speak-freely" for them?  It's nuts.  Dumb.  Stupid.

 -- no 'balance of power'  -- they taught the "illiterate" to be so. To NEVER BE HEARD.  To "speak in tongues."  They tunnel-visioned every field-of-study, to censor 359-degrees from a 360-degree world-reality.

Who ya' gonna call?

Example?  remember "refer madness,"?  As a child, we all were shown films in school, per PhD's instructions, signed-off by PhDs, the decade before, taking even more monies to "study" us watching it, claiming they are "fixing it," but all the 'tools' were based on education they were "signed-off" to have by other PhDs in the 1930's, and 40's and 50's.  But no kid ever smoked a joint, in my real life, then jumped out of a window, or fought a locomotive, or 'gate-way'd' to it.  But all laws, rules, education, newsprint and radio/tv broadcasts are signed-off by PhDs, still using failed paradigms, just blaming us, and clergy, while taking monies to "study it."  And the FAMILY under arrest whose property was seized, right now, proves it.  That's what Obama is all about, he's blind to it.  Brainwashed by PhDs, just repeating words on a teleprompter, or memorized soundbites and snippets, signed-off by PhDs.  He can barely stutter-out a phrase in response to anything without proving it, right before our very eyes.  Have you heard him without the teleprompter, is all I'm trying to say.  He only knows ONE 'lens' and calls it "perfect vision."


We, Gays, not Lesbians, Gays, just think of this:  our Privates (scripturally, "nakedness,") is uncovered by PhDs who violate our Privates "nakedness protections" then drug us to (which are pokes to one's Mind's Eye, too); and now we can't even go to a Priest, lest the priest be accussed, put under a microscope by PhDs exposing ALL of their 'nakedness.'

I can just imagine this:

 Hebrew: "They sacrificed a Lamb of G*d at a Cathedral in Spokane, Washington, United States, and nobody did or said anything about it, just stood there and watched, -- instead of leading him to the alter, they blocked his access and pointed to the door --- yeah, United States, Spokane, WA., the place where PhDs taught the residents to "Shining Example" to us, to me, show us how to "just do it" all proper and perfect, to call the name of one's country by the name of one's Continent, so, by that logic, Israel is Europe now, and Russia is China, or just Iraq, or sumpin', they don't make sense to me after PhDs mess with their heads."

 -- and I told 'em, decades ago, what Einstein-ian Theory is about in reality, how science is molested into beliefs, and vice versa, producing a FALSE EPHA.  But they still worship it, that Theory, in TheoryWorship, goose-step in lock-step, and cast-out 'non-believers' in hatred of 'em, and in terms in of Math, using 'tools' available under current circumstances, the theory is 'all that' written in the language of math.  That's all.  He even said it himself.  Do you know what he confesses?

If you reduce it, the theory of perceptions (relativity), your perceptions, juxtaposed to our reality, in the real world, for real, as applicable to all people equally (CONSTANT) -- do you know what it reduces down to?  " … a positive one, AND and minus one, EQUALS nothing.  If I wrote it in the language of kitchen-math, it looks like this:  +1-1=0 (a place where no light escapes, only "fleeting imaginings," which another Physicist wrote in another math-language, in terms of math, and received yet another Novel Prize for it.  Maybe perceptions of awarding a Nobel is a bit different than perceived.  Eh?


 -- and all the PhD cult did, ever since it, was use it to find 'clever ways' to control and kill people, ever since, pointing at it, claiming " … that's what 'jews' 'gifted' to humanity."


 ** how 'safe' am I describing anything to anybody? **

Did you know that violating the medical profession's use of diagnostic words, is "practicing medicine without a license?" -- and that PhDs are doing that daily, even within the profession, teaching The People to do it, pointing at them, after the fact, blaming The People and labeling The People as "negative," as a diversion from what is going-on within the medical professions?  If that CONSTANT is violated "through their 'lens'" they are using insurance company money to 'work' within, while charging you for it, it's fraud.


Did you know that if they use their profession's "sacred constant" as a variable, they have "molested your mind?"  And you TRUST them?  To 'fix' what, exactly?  To 'help' you or me with what, exactly? And that a professional using a "sacred constant" as a variable is "crazy" by their own definition?  Why would anyone see them, or give a single penny to them, or expect them to 'research' anything, or find a 'cure' for you or anybody?  And they, their "divine institutions of higher learning," profit, regardless?  And the taxpayer is funding it?  And Obama just gave it a TRILLION DOLLAR INFUSION?


See it now?  Just a GLIMPSE?  If it were up to me, for the first time in my life, I'd recommend using graven imagry, life-sized, the block surrounded by priests, alter boys, nuns, bishops, and Monsignors, and Rabbis … hand in hand, only their backs showing (because our backs aren't being watched, nobody is "WATCHING OUR BACKS") -- and Benjamin Netanyahu and Pope Francis standing before the Bronze Doors, hand in hand, looking at them, with silent tears.  

And that 'art' -- that VISION -- in HOLO-CAST --- be there, through-out everybody's Mind's Eye, for a regular SUN STANDS STILL moment, every time they drive by, so forevermore they think about the Spokane Diocese and that Parish,  and wonder about that forever, regular reminders, or until Pope Francis fixes it, quietly, and leaves (because his presence puts so many good lives at risk, and so many vie for photo-ops and in doing so, engage in ad hominem in the pathetic attempt at making themselves-out as 'superior,' "vying for position above you, whoever/whatever 'you' do/are, to get noticed by him) which is obscenity to his being, and he doesn't need his Mind's Eye poked, either!)).

And, if he can shoulder the stress of travel in this PhD-concocted nightmare of MindTraps-for-profit, use Air Force One, and leave BIG MOUTH talking in the Oval Office to cameras, graven-images and tele-prompters, please -- oh, I know, tell him, regarding the plane, " .. we scheduled a meeting, to discuss when to study which words to use to find it," and only say that, and nothing else, ask an Alter Boy to mutter : "Did somebody say we have to have it back by 11?" and laugh, then, all cough, and leave.

It's not safe for him because of it, The Pope, because these people don't understand it, any of it, but claim they do, in a PhD-molded environment, where they fake "low inflation" by shrinking products.  Next, they'll call a gallon of gas that's only two-quarts and three ounces, "cleaner, better, brighter, whiter," and costs "only a few pennies more," and say it's "organic."  They hurt this city.  They hurt us.  All of us.  Because a few people were having sex-issues?  And you blame the priests!  All of 'em!  And everybody they talk to!  But it's PhDs that attacked these people of this Parish, of this Diocese, AND MORE.  Everybody, even the people hated within or hating without, all of 'em, their Mind's Eyes poked hard, repeatedly and still doing it.

 --- DID YOU KNOW THAT? … AND, did you know, that under a very certain, very special circumstance, a private citizen can order a military response.  Such as surrounding the block to make a point, without a word, unprecedented, to defend the residents and people who go there, and have you ever wondered who, under such assymetrical-circumstances, is encharged with doing it?  *** I AM  *** so, make it so, at the earliest opportunity, stay just long enough for Priests to sanctify the blood guilt from the sanctity of my marriage that was attacked and destroyed which some of "your people" were involved in, and leave, and come back from time-to-time and keep making that point, because our peace was stolen, all of ours was, IN PLAIN SIGHT, most especially, from a Cathedral filled with kindly people, traumatized by it, and nobody said anything about it, but ad hominem, "through him, and within him, and throughout him."  Salute and Saleh.

  -- sidenote: just think of the economic-stimulus the professional-union cult, PhDs and their minions, will REEP from atop the rubble misery and grief after the RNC's version of "private gun ownership protections."  It will fill beds for them to work against all of us.  Know what I mean?  It's like this:  "success" in terms of medicine and justice, to PhDs, is "all beds full and build more and hire more and consume more doing it."  But "success" in terms of real medicine and justice, is ALL BEDS EMPTY, all hospitals empty (except accidents and 'freak occurances').  So, after all the money stolen from us, what have they 'cured' within the HumanityFamily (Human Family) exactly?

 -- this really is why a previous Pope didn't want to get any Catholics involved in Africa or anywhere else, because the PhD cult made such an expensive mess of it, all it will do is consume all of our resources just to help a few, but all the PhDs have accomplished is job-security for future-generations for themselves, profiting from FULL BEDS, not empty ones.

Now, before I conclude this, just for a moment, give me the "benefit of the doubt" before casting stones or formulating biases or anything else, because, just for a moment, marvel at how I processed and analyzed events here to "heal it" and get back to 'normal' -- because, all of it proves my LifeLines are stronger and more viable than all others.

 And, above, I didn't say "I'm commander of the military" -- I didn't say I could order them to fire a single shot.  That's in YOUR HEAD, not mine. (*** reminds me of my bank, stuffed in a BOX ***). ( ******* but I had a head injury.  And they gave me poison. Enough said. *******)

Got the point?  (cuz you told me you were 'saner' than I AM) and now I exist with a "WRENCHED HIP" (a reference to something from my Torah) because of it. (but I already had it, and now I'm struggling with your inflicted Mind's Eye 'pokes' too, day-by-day, struggling with feelings about you I always prided myself in the prevention of their formulation lest it bias my work, and now, in order to stop you from doing it, I am and must walk on the "thinnest-ice" (melted, so maybe it's just water) not to violate my vows, a peace you stole from me (which is for you, ultimately).  And you stole that from Marcus most especially, and now we both struggle with hatreds against you for it, and you knew it when you attacked us, that's the 'hope' you "sacrificed for," exactly.)

I've been trying to find $7.7B to bridge it, long-term (just for Spokane region), and the Synogogue needs to hold the purse, because I don't trust PhDs now.  Meanwhile, "these are my tools" and it's stone-age, hindrances built-in. When you are challenged with this task, using these tools, under these circumstances, and do it perfect, then speak, or STFU.   Remember those Bronze doors?  Those things are bullet-proof, to keep us safe, just like this.

  /LENSoff  (Holy See, and thank you for 'listening')

Kind regards, always,

PS> so, /LENSon again, briefly:  

/LENSon know that kid they chose, and prepped, what's his name, the cute one with all the issues, surrounded by "genius experts" that just want to be known for 'treating him" (read as: "get a treat from him$$$)?  Well, with all the above in mind, he should ask me to show him how the world works, instead of anybody else.  I will NOT molest him and they all know it.  I will see him "man-up" and cope with the crap PhDs dumped on him.  I will give him the LifeLines that save life.  He knows he needs that.  He knows he'll be pissed-off at me all day and all night long until he "bucks up."  He is such a good person at heart, he knows, and knows how scary it is, to come to terms with, because he can't "idenitify" with any of you due to the isolation you inflicted in his environment, but he knows he must find a 'tool' that he can apply as he faces life, as it unfolds, in his own words, as he freely-expresses it, and all that "homo" innuendo and "guilt by association" -- he doesn't know how to come to terms with it, or the accussations or any of it, it is robbing his Mind's Eye and PhDs have ruined his ability to figure-it-out, anywhere, anytime, anyplace, and will do anything to 'prove' that, unless they get their "names up in lights," as being his "savior," and take every dime of his for the remainder of time.  I have earned,  EARNED,  "perfect faith" I'd never do any of that.  That's YOU.  You would do it, you earned "perfect faith" that's what YOU DO.   Not ME, and even if I did, for whatever reason, I'd take personal-responsbility, lie about nothing, fix it myself, and there's be very little to fix, because I'd have recognized "wandering down that path," while PhD training prevents recognition of any of it?  It's trained out of 'em?  Did you know that?

 -- and if, if, maybe, just maybe, depending on the depth the wounds YOU inflicted upon him, he'll turn-out ok, and realize it, and know why, and help both KESHET and OLOLC, if he freely-chooses, and thereby, by extension, all people equally, fufilling and proving his "giving thanks," instead of "paying debts" YOUR system (their system) burdened him with and no idea why or what 'value' he got out of any of it.  Did you know that MISSION is hard-coded inside of him and nobody to guide him in figuring it out so he doesn't know whatever it is he is to do "in service" to all man?  How could anyone be blind to it?  I don't want to change anything about him.  YOU DO.  NOT ME.  He needs tools to deal with YOU, and as a result of it, his mind has been "seeded" with revulsion, you'd have to chain him to a chair just to be in the same room with me for one minute.  That's what YOU did to him.  NOT ME.

 -- (sidenote: at grocery store, had a homeless man in front of me, and a woman behind me.  Smelled: alcohol, body-odor, cigarette-smoke, which I don't mind, but it was the "unwashed woman" that caused me to wrinkle my nose, while she wrinkled her nose at him. ---  that smell is so overpowering to me, I have to leave stores, leave products sitting on the counter, just leave instead of buying, or, hypocrite myself, wrinkle my nose, fake 'offense' from it, which would upset her, and that's not my right.  It's mean doing it, so doing it intentionally is hateful, so I strive not to be that way per my faith.  So, sometimes, when it's that overpowering to me, I just leave, and am amazed when I get "second-hand-whiffs" hours after it.  I was born that way.  I've struggled with it since FirstBreath.  I'd rather puke over the smell of rotting garbage. -- (knowing that, if she were there to 'witness,' she'd mock, ridicule and scorn me, and never put two-and-two together about any of it -- ALL WORDS USED AGAINST ME.  I thought women knew that and were compassionate and kindly aware of it to reduce that reaction.  Instead, they use it as an "assymetrical weapon," which is learned-behavior, and that too, is passive-aggression 'attacks' against priests, in so many different ways, I couldn't even begin to list half of 'em here.  Hence, incense at Mass to dispell confrontations.  (they should burn alot more of it, or let me smoke, or somethin') -- lol -- meanw hile, men are brainwashed to say nothing or be forever labeled "mysogynistic," by a loud, vocal womans' group.


Did you know Priests have grappled with that for many, many centuries … millennia … ???  … now, the faux "politically correct" just ridicule and scorn if anybody says anything, furthering hatreds and divides, and silencing priests who have tried to grapple with that for all people equally for thousands of years.  SILENCED THEM.  Some men love it.  Get "turned on" by it.  Most, back-up, instinctively, because it triggers a "taken/off-limits" reaction in their brains.


But did you also know that that reaction is why some women do it intentionally?  Because they actually are brainwashed to think they are "attractive" to everybody, all men, everywhere, every moment of every day, to everyone with a penis?

DID YOU KNOW THAT?  and did you know that those types of "tensions" only exist in them, within them, and throughout them?  Did you know it makes some women sick, too?  And that not all the women it makes sick are 'lesbian'?  And amongst Lesbians, more of 'em don't get bothered or judge by that, than str8s?  Are more accepting and forgiving of it, " … in them, within them, and throughout them?"

DID YOU KNOW THAT?  these natural human interactions are not just "viewable" or "study-able" or "usable information" based on some PhD's version signed-off by PhDs in their 'eye-blink' moment in existence in recent history.  But they claim it is, "thorough analysis.  But they never asked us, and have AWARDS for their "research," at taxpayer expense.  We gave it for free, kindly.  We didn't ask anybody to "convert" first or be denied knowledge.  THEY DO.  NOT US.  We didn't demand money up-front, then bill you for more, then, when you couldn't find a job to make enough to pay bills based on the so-called "education" they provided, when you wanted your money back, be told, "you didn't participate enough, so if you pay more, then you'll "get enlightened" with actual "usable information" in your own life.  Then, after they defrauded your life, fuckup your credit in hopes of robbing you of more.

Have you ever paid for a college course and absolutely nothing in it, up to a decade or two after it, throughout your life, has anything at all to do with actually living your life?  Did you know you can't get a refund?  Does it really take four hands to piddle to them?  How did that come about?  We need Justin to help everybody figure it out, from his unique perspective, and we are censored from telling him it.  NOT THEM.  And all they tell him is that "within him, and through him, and throughout him …" he's WRONG.  And it doesn't matter how it's worded, even when they use words claiming they are not "judging," that is in fact what they do.  Not me.  Not us.  At least, we are critically aware of that 'vector' in all environment(s) -- they need billions of tax-dollars YET TO STUDY IT, then billions more to TALK ABOUT IT, then billions more to "develop systems" about it, and billions more to "implement" some "reasponse" that only works and is only evaluated in their own minds.

I 'study/evaluate/observe' that.  Guys like Justin can help.  YOU censor HIM from us.  NOT ME.  His 'panic' people see, his questions, his concerns are all normal for men when their Mind's Eye sees it, be they 18 or 16 or 6 or 60, and he has no one to talk to about it, and if he mentions it, all they want is to put him on THEIR DOPE AND GET RICH FROM HIM BY IT, with THEIR NAMES ON HIGH.

 -- while ridiculing and scorning him for "getting high."  It's outrageous.  It's obscenity to me.

What type of REPORT did the taxpayer actually pay for, exactly?  How much did it cost.  And what is the actual "value" in terms of the equity of the HumanityFamily?  Does it really take four-hands to piddle?

I would give him the "bag of tools," for him to use at his discretion, as he see fits, without judgements, with his own ability to freely-express in defense of himself, HOW TO COPE with anything, in any situation, be it around me or you (especially you).  And when he gets upset and says WORDS, to me, if it were you, all you do is fake 'wounds' from them, I don't.  That's YOU.  NOT ME.

Only Justin Beiber can figure-out Justin Beiber, not YOU, nor me.  And all YOU want is YOUR NAME ON HIGH above his.  Well, on his behalf, and all the other kids you've done it to, and plan on doing it to, FU.  I don't know or care what his sexual-issues is, if any, that's for him, not me, not you.  You just want to label him, then stereotype him as being that label according to your own perceptions.  What tools did you give him?  Judgements?  Scorn?  Cookie-cutter expectations?  That would be you, not me.  Only he has a right to apply any form of 'label' to himself.  Maybe, he's just fine, just his head is reeling from having his Mind's Eye poked by YOU.  Only I could tell.  (Not you.) To thusly find his own identity within himself, know it like a ROCK, so no matter how far he strays from it, he can find his way back to it, stronger for it, instead of only find the faux 'rock' the one with your name on it that you want to "get famous" for "finding," just for yourself, your megalomania "dope fix," off his blood.  That's YOU.  Not me.  He's been "chewed up" by YOU and has no tools to "glue himself back together again" -- (to use some old drag-slang metaphors none of 'em know anything about anymore) -- but is being court-ordered to "freely-choose" returning to only you.  It's outrageous.

 -- I've never dressed-up in womens' clothing, nor would I.  EVER.  It's NOT ME, never was, not a single iota of desire to do it.  NEVER HAVE.  But you are forcing him to do something similar, wear "clothes" that don't fit.

 -- get the point about "watching backs" ?  The difference between literalisms and metaphorical applications that represent the realities we all face?  And my VISION of the entire block surrounded by Priests and Rabbis and their selected to, to stand silently, facing inward, only showing their backs?  With Benjamin Netanyahu and Pope Francis, before the Bronze doors, looking downward, hand in hand, silently crying?  I sit with my back facing outwards to the "viewable public," often, for that reason.  To make a professed point, prove it, to anybody that "gets it," knowing fully well the ridicule and scorn occurs.  Certain people catch a "glimps" of such things in the media, and without the guidance I formulated, are learned-behaviored to intentionally misinterpret it, but their Mind's Eye knows something ELSE is occuring, but nobody to explain it, and all the "approved officials" are PhDs that profit when or if it 'triggers' some from of 'cascade-effect' in their heads, thusly their lives?  YOU TURNED THEIR BACKS TO THEM -- YOU FAILED TO WATCH THEIR BACKS -- not us, not me.

 -- they didn't know it caused it, contributed to it, autisms too.  They didn't know.  They were doing it so often (and many still are, with PhDs in Law Enforcement and gov't agency's defrauding taxpayers doing it), told by PhD's " … diversion therapy" or, " … based on psych-profile, seeing if it stimulates a reaction" -- and they know you if they are watching you, and do it to 'de-stabilize' you.  They are experts at it.  Did you know it violates the founding priciniples of their oaths:  DO NO HARM and we can't even explain it, we're censored in explaining it?  Did you know it's illegal human experimentation?  For real?  By their own definitions and they ignore it, make "exceptions" for it with the stroke of pen by a PhD.


What kind of 'equality' is that, exactly?

Did you know Justin Beiber, as a man, at his age, naturally struggles with that, with no words, no "formal conceptualizing" training, to even VOCALIZE it himself?  PhDs did that.  Stole that voice from Justin Beiber.  Not us.  Not me.  THEM.

Did you know that Spokane has some of the highest autism rates in the history of the world, per capita, right now, because of it?  And we are CENSORED FROM YOU to tell you to stop it, or fix it, or anything about it?

Did you know that PASSIVE SEGREGATION is occuring to within our community right now?  --right before your very eyes and we've all been trained to be 'blinded' to it, " … eyes that look like eyes but do not see …"

Did you know that VALIDITY of each "prism" while looking through the multi-faceted, infinite-sided, RUBIK's CUBE 'lens' of the Priests is Cardinalized to ensure that each "view" is a ROCK because if any are "smudged" it means people are being harmed?

 -- briefly, about that, uhhhhh,  (yipes!) ,,, well, uhhmmm, uhhh …. argh! … no "perfect words" here … just innovation … that by wording it like this, al Qaida's PhDs can't figure it out?  And that the "average person" proves to be more "literate" with no Higher Education, than PhDs?  That a "book-worm," be they on a prison cot, or working with their hands for real, or riding the bus, or train and reading, is more literate than PhDs because of it, and "gets it" while the 'educated' can't?  Again, why is it that the "educated" can't figure-out typos, mis-wordings, concept-based non-cartoon imagery, and their thoughts are DERAILED by such simple things?

 -- VALIDITY, is proved via views, through a 'special lens', all the other 'prisms' in the multi-faceted reality which as at the exact root of the Church, and that in so doing, there are "smudges" and "cracks" forming on each of the other multi-facet "jewels" , a 'virus' if you will, eating-away at each 'prism' -- and that PhDs are inflicting it unknowingly, and we didn't know it?  And 'helped' it?  And din't know it?  And some still are, and we don't know how to explain it to 'em?  Because they have been educated in a way that has "built-in" barriers against comprehending it?  And now, there are those that have taken-up-arms under the ASSUMPTION that a damaged 'lens' is their "validity?"

That's why.  Their "perfect systems," are met with the "standard answers:"  " … oh sure, we're not perfect, a few problems, but we cooperate to fix it together and improve it, see where we are?  It's the best of the best of the best.  You're so negative!" (if you say anything about it) -- 

DID YOU KNOW THAT?  -- why would anyone, especially someone like Justin Beiber, give them a single penny to 'help' him (which is to say, get 'fame/fortune' off cannabalizing his 'reputation,' "within him, through him, throughout him" for their profit?

Did you know that Cardinals carry this "weight of the world" and are attacked assymetrically to prevent the level of analysis just described, and some Bishops (and laypeople) 'sense' this, if not now it, and have no words or ideas what to do about it?  ENTER ME
There's no value in paying for any of it.  YOU proved that, all by yourselves, to someone every second, of every day, somewhere.  That's why you gutted education, to make certain a higher percentage of students just say those things, even while trying to say different.  That is obscenity to me.  I am embarrassed for human development and progress now.  We see lots of consuming, "fluff" and "big ado's about somthin'" but in moments, seemingly, it needs billions more just to maintain, let alone fix, and is gone in 'eye-blinks.'   As a species, on our planet, we are not really developing anything, just outlawing it to punish people in the pathetic attempt at making one's self-out to "look" or "feel" 'superior.'  That's THE MESSAGE those Bishops were attempting to convey by building those structures and thusly providing incomes to families constructing 'em, because YOU DIDN'T and it's becoming increasingly IMPOSSIBLE in a PhD-based system.  You outlaw development, jail people, fine people for doing natural things, while we do real development to further human development for all people equally and justice for all people equally is the goal.

DID YOU KNOW THAT?  Did you know my Jew-ish Bible, the TaNaKh, the "thesis-statement" and "concluding premise" is ONLY THAT?  And that's what the Christian scripture is a translation of and about?

 -- and that, Passover Seder and it's ceremony, is about THAT, EXACTLY? and part of Liturgy today because of it's proved VALIDITY?  Does anyone understand the progression anymore?

Did YOU know THAT?

 -- we (humans) sure like to make it out that everything needs four hands to piddle, EH? lol

That's what "becoming a man" is about, grapling with that, and proving it's not true, and women just think they "understand it," and fake being "experts" at it, even though everything they say about it, is contrary to what they observe in reality about it, due to our current PhD-based education system?


Did you know that Islam was founded at the start, at it's root, because of it?  Because you refused to LISTEN to either Rabbis or Priests trying to figure-out ways to explain it, that you railed against 'em instead of help 'em, then concocted your own "perfect environment"?  Instead of help come to terms with it?  Or help anybody figure it out?  And that ever since, a new PhD-based RELIGION of TheoryWorship is concocted out of it, consuming vast resources, thusly draining resources from all people, merely for their own academic GRAVEN IMAGRY?  And that Islam today "gets it," but 'christianity' today is a hodge-podge of PhD-signed-off excuses not to?

The world needs PhDs.  The world needs education at all levels.  We need PhDs, but doing something ELSE.  Obviously, and they are all trained to deny it, and built-in to their educational systems, are 'triggers' so that whenever they hear anything about it, or hear anybody say anything about it, they REGISTER that person?

 -- then blame Russia for what supremacists concocted in the Ukraine in 'hopes' "the west" would align with Chechyn Rebels, and rail against a REGISTER of singled-out individuals and demographicsm, while doing it? 'vectoring' blame against innocent Russians?

Did you know our President is surrounded by PhDs that brainwashed him to ignore it, and blame some pre-approved 'scapegoats' to poke his Mind's Eye so he can't focus on it?  Just 'smile', say 'pleasantries,' and talk, and talk, and talk, and talk … well, you've seen him on the news, as the world has, selling insurance as the "stimulus" or "motivating-factor" in "strategizing" "talks" ? while all this transpires right before his very eyes? And he thinks, now, that he can just mention some words in a speech, point at it later, and say, " … see, I did mention it," but it proves the concepts were missed, the 'processing' ABSENT?

Meanwhile, he's surrounded by those that just want to slather his face with make-up and kisses, and get 'famous' associating with him.  YOU.  Not me.  I don't even like hanging-out with people like that.  You messed-up his head, in 'hope' to make names for yourself.  Not me.  YOU.  I don't feel sorry for him.  I feel sorry for you.  Further, did you know the "middle class" of Canada is stronger, healthier, has more equity, than you? More "earning power" more "buying power", than your so-called "best of the best of the best" classless-society "middle-class" contradictory crap?  Did you know the population of Canada's "middle-class," which is larger per capita than the U.S.'s, but has a fraction of the US'an population, proves you are all brainwashed liars?  You don't even know it.  I do.  And I know Justin does too.  It's outrageous, and he's supposed to bow before your NAMES IN LIGHTS?  You're nuts.  Not me.  You.  How's it feel?  How do you like it?  Used to it yet?  Eh?

 -- did you know that 'struggle' is written on the President's face and his 'tools' in grappling with it are intentionally made "piss poor?"  Merely so a PhD can float THEIR NAME above his, ON HIGH, all UP IN LIGHTS come WIN or LOSE at anything? (including protecting our peace which is robbed from us at worship?) -- which PhD 'signed-off' on the PhD who will read soundbites about it to the President (or anyone else?)

 -- did you know why a Cardinal is a Cardinal?

 -- Did you know, that if military surrounds a structure, a block, shoulder to shoulder, and there is another soldier, facing him, or her, surrounding the block, --- so a formation two-deep of soldiers, but they are only standing there facing each other -- in SILENCE -- did you know what it meant? -- all you see, perceive, are their BACKS, to let you know they are watching YOURS?

                ( -- did you know the "positive-thinkers" stole my phone, made calls to attach their hate to my name/you?) (ONE BODY)

Did you know that since Ancient Times, that necessary comfort we don't enjoy, PhDs CENSORED from us? (but we are "watching their backs" diligently?)

Did you know different types of priests do this (THE FORMATION) , right in front of your eyes, and are accussed of being "snooty" or "stupid" or "clueless," proving the VALIDITY to them (the priests themselves), to give them comfort as to why they should continue THEIR LIFESTYLE in SERVICE to YOU?

 -- did you know, the guilt of 'testing people,' even in such an innocuous and pacifist way, is where PENANCE came from here?  Did you know all of this, top-down, that I describe, is getting Jews killed? And rending the hearts of many, and no way to explain it? And it's worse, not 'better', and increasing, while PhDs say otherwise?  Did you know it harms Israel and us too? and 'them' and 'they' and so many of the 'forgotten'?)

 -- did you know this symbolism has been … pardon the words … mind-raped from liturgy and ancient Priests' Rites? (which are your Rites and, your Rights?)  that Altar Boys do it right before your eyes and we've all been trained to just "forget" while saying "remember" at Mass during Communion? (it is obscenity to me)

 -- did you know why I used the words "rape" and "Alter Boy" and "Priest" here?

 -- did you know that any words, anything at all, and somebody says, "It's obscenity to me he implied such a thing …" as an excuse to seek attention for one's self, instead of objectify the environmental factors and vectors involved in it, judging "instantly" before, easoning? -- and it's often called "education?" -- and those same person(s) hate you forevermore after while saying they 'love' you/me/us?

Did you know the Nuns know the Formation I described above?  and that I think they should surround the block to express it so more people "get the point" but without "throwing words at 'em?"
  -- did you know, those 'symbolisms,' are the innovations, to comfort us, that they did themselves, over centuries, and no one that knows that, could ever say anything about anything they struggle with privately while doing this SERVICE for us? For YOU? For AllThings?

Did you know that GRAVEN IMAGRY reduces the "observational abilities" of what these Nuns sacrifice for?

 -- the only items of statuary, that are 'approved,' are of the "negative" person hammered against the mercilless CrossOfShame ("positive cross sign") of "positive-thinkers" who use their hypocritical forked-tongues as NAILS -- and the statuary depicting the Nun that KNOWS and WEEPS (or woman that was robbed of peace by it) because there are no "perfect words" to explain it to those doing it right before all of our eyes, IN PLAIN SIGHT, night and day?  ("blood tears" comes from here)  did you know that when people 'flock' to it, after a Rite, and their are stains on the statues face, those people worship superstition as a FalseGodBeforeThee?  Did you know Priests have killed themselves over it? Did you know I know too much?  Do you know that in this PhD-controlled existence, our "best of the best of the best" technologies are STONE AGE? And the resources consumed while using most of it, is greater than the desire to express it?  Do you know I am burdened with that? The 'new' is just another excuse to "spin my wheels" in "learning" about something that is still STONE AGE? And it can be "all consuming" for any person's life? And by the time you "learned it," for most, that is to say, "how to use it 'properly' according to a PhD manual," it's "obsolete" intentionally? Did you know, the 'average end-user' uses only one-tenth of that which they paid for, firstly, in training and phone-calls to ask, etc., AND what they actually do and use said "gadget" for?  Did you know the other 9/10's just sells cult-paradigms to "new agers"? (know anything about superstition?  anything at all?)


 -- did you know we make that sign, you know which one, as a "remembrance" to all that are harmed by it? as a 'tool' for ourselves to firstly RECOGNIZE and DISTINGUISH/AFFIRM ourselves of NON-INVOLVEMENT in such 'evil-doing'?  Doing it at, or in the direction of, Fruits of The Earth before consumption, is saying the opposite, unless TURNED THE OTHER WAY?

 -- did you know that ridiculing or smirking at someone doing it wrong, or mindlessly, is obscenity? just because of it, at the ROOT of it?  That all we can do is, if the conversation is conducive for it without forcing it, explain why we do not do it that way? without judging a person(s) for having been "born into" their environment(s) where it's done wrong as we see it? but must strive to have that conversation as our duty?  And we must innovate the words? because there are no "perfect words" to describe it to anyone?  Did you know Nuns study it?  How to find a "better way" explaining it, in every language in existence? Did you know PhDs are stealing that mysterious awesome wonder from their innovative minds?  Did you know we are at war with that, unintentionally, defending ourselves against it, but our defenses and "supply-chains" and "vectoring" is being intentionally disabled right before our very eyes, harming them? Did you know Jews taught us that, out of love for everybody, even those that hate them, because they couldn't explain it either? because of all the TowersOfBabble, we are mutually tasked and obligated to find ways to explain it to all people, regardless who they are, where they are, or what time they live, and work to find 'alternatives' so if the person feels overwhelmed by the explanation, maybe, just maybe, some other 'version' will assist them, and that's us, that's you, me too?  Did you know we are not fulfilling our obligation, by no fault of ours, and there are no words to explain it 'poorly' let alone 'perfectly'? Did you know PhDs don't "get that" and their "assistance" made it worse? And still is?  Did you know we can't put in public education because of it and that is GOOD WORKS because PhDs do … well, you know.  Did you know seperation of church-state is about that, just that, only that, and exactly that?

 -- do you know how many resources to help the needy have been, were, are, and still will be consumed, by educated "illiterates" claiming the opposite? Filing lawsuits, pushing around paperFAKEwork, boycotts, telephone calls, lobby money … all of it?

DID YOU KNOW THAT?  nope.  PhDs stole it from you.  Did you know that money, the money spent on it, could have and still could, will save it, and thereby save you, and me, and thereby fulfill that commitment to prove compassion to the needy? Do you know how much money has been defrauded from the RCC as a result of it? (and the future-projections are not included in anything important, per PhDs, AT ALL?)

 -- did you know that there are many a nun that knows it's so vast, she 'sacrifices' by just "following along" in helping those that do? -- because the work is that important -- and that she does understand, even while knowing not the "details" about it, and is comforted by YOU by seeing YOU in the world?  (again, 'you' is figurative).  She 'sacrifices' because she knows she can get "noticed" by getting a "credential" in it, but the resources are YOURS, and the guilt of it weighs on her 24/7/365 because of using resources that could be spent helping someone, somewhere, in a TIME OF NEED, that COULD BE the next person that does something in future that benefits someone or something, in furtherance of these goals?  Dear Nuns:  HEAR MY WORDS, you are forgiven, you have my "pre-approved forgiveness" (but I know I cant take-away the burdens of that guilt you bare, the burdens of that unfathomable weight) and I know I don't have to ask you to be "frugal" because of the VALIDITY your very existence PROVES in reality right before the eyes of AllThings. Thank you for existing, for being here, for proving and authenticating by your deeds (sometimes words) these things, "struggles" and "strayings" along that, again, unfathomable path.  If more knew what I know, they'd help you in so many ways, but even their 'help' is endless photo-ops and complicated meetings, turning you into office clerics and administrators just to LISTEN to something that either didn't need to be said at all, or could have been said in seconds, but turned into a 'show.'  That's why I trust you.  I trust your innovations because of your track-record, I have rarely been made so proud of a group of people, even when you are villified, I am overall AWE STRUCK.

 -- did you know, "The Flying Nun," was a metaphor of that "comfort provided to all people equally"? (and now it's superstition, and we are all concerned about that).
 -- did you know, since VC2, "evangalization" as defined by PhDs caused that? Did you know they say it "helped" that?  And it did, in ways, indisputably, but the 'buts' are ignored, thereby doing harm more?)


 -- note to Justin Beiber:  that's what PhDs stole from Catholics and Jews and the LGBT peoples of the world (GayLandIs).  DID YOU KNOW THAT?  And another thing -- lol -- have you ever slaughtered an animal and ate it?  And feel guilty about it?  Did you puke?  Would you puke?  Would your head swim with, "if this video were shown on the news, I'd be crucified?"  And then psycho-somatically not eat, feel queasy by it, even if malnourished and hungry?  Do you know how to deal with any of that, that shit?  Or the women that say about you the meanest things you've ever heard in your life, who have never been in those 'shoes' you are wearing during you life?  Do you know how to keep focused so they don't derail your Mind's Eye?  (live performance can "roboticize" it, so it doesn't work when it should, and it's humiliating.)  That is their goal, but it's not their fault, they were born into it, brainwashed to be that way.  These pressures are HUGE,  and ignored, swept under the figurative carpet, intentionally, so PhDs profit from the confusions, atop the rubble, misery and grief of their own instigation, while blaming you, and people like me, too.

 -- and you know how tools are; ever open a bottle of beer with a screwdriver?  How 'bout a pair of pliers?  Open one on a side of chair before?  None of those tools were meant for that, and according to the 'experts,' anybody using tools like that, any form of innovation, which occurs when the tools don't match the tasks and circumstances, a PhD calls a "schizophrenic" and "bi-polar" and put on DOPE to DISABLE one's Mind's Eye.  Everybody else innovates naturally.  PhDs can't.  I will teach him to and defend himself, thusly, FROM YOUR TheoryWorship and SUPREMACY-issues which YOU stole the ability from him to defend himself against, merely so ya'-all could make a "point" to "steal the spotlight" and make it about yourselves, and SHAME ON YOU for it, NOT ME.  Meanwhile, you must keep him from flying and not force him to worship YOUR schedule.  He does not need more of YOUR inflicted stresses upon him.  Then, Canada will be proud of him like no one before. (and leave my name out of it, thank you, I don't want any of their attention.  I want NONE OF IT).

There isn't a compassionate person in the world, that has not challenged themselves, "king for a day" style, when they look at these issues, at people like Justin Beiber  (sorry, he's unique as all are, but kids put in similar situations) and, the news clips of whatever concocted "controversy", and ponder with how they would 'fix' it, if they had the 'authority' to.  Meanwhile, those that get fame from it, PhDs, just look at everybody's else's thoughts about it, plaigairizes it, revises it, with one hope:  get their own NAMES IN LIGHTS to be WORSHIPED, forevermore, by YOU  (that figurative 'you' I keep using, is why/how the word "goyim" is used in Hebrew.  DID YOU KNOW THAT?  Nothing derogatory about it, until YOU concoct it as a "personal insult" with fake 'wounds' from fake 'weapons' in fake 'fights' you imagined to have been a 'hero' or 'victim' of in your own heads.  NOT MY HEAD.  YOURS.  So when I say, "let my people go," it includes him now, too, unconditionally, the person, the being, not the "name up in lights" idol worship of super-heroes and super-villians, cartoon-imagry imagined in YOUR heads.  I don't have that problem hindering my thinking.  YOU DO.  Not me.  So you are not helping him, so I am asking only Military to help him defend himself from you, instead of "deliver him unto you."

 -- and Justin, they all claim how "educated" they are, that their credentials make them supreme, but they are so illiterate, simple typos, spelling-errors, grammar, bs, just one word, and they can't figure-out anything, then claim they are "too busy to be bothered with reading illiterate diatribe," while claiming they are interested in your person, in finding out how to help your person, your being.  That's learned-behavior, the only education they PROVE.  

See, they modify the environment (which we all live in).  We (HumanityFamily, which includes you) just lives in it, taking the blame for it.  Religions say that environment is an unchangeable constant, which it isn't and religions haven't come to terms with it yet, or built any 'peace bridges' at all between religions about it, yet.  I'm also working on that, another MISSION, and pokes to my Minds's Eye deplete my resources to work on it, weakening my ability to do so.  They modify environment(s) to blame us and make fame/fortune claiming they are 'helping' us.  We defend all people equally against that, so they don't have all those burdens consuming their resources, "through him, and within him, and throughout him."  We just use different terminologies describing real things, not imagined things, but real things, not things one can't verify with one's five-senses that one must fake "imagining perfectly," but that which you, me, all people equally, if under whatever circumstances in any environment, can verify with one's own five-senses, in reality, no belief-system contradictions nor hinderances, clearly defining the appropriateness of where that "doorway" is if you choose to use it, instead of pretending that "doorway" is "always open and all people are equally welcome, come as you are," and all their other contradictory nonsense.  I don't care if you want to be religious or not, but do you know the difference?  Between a belief, a belief-based system and results, and an opinion, and an opinion-based system, and know that all people must "mentally-shift" between them, every moment of their lives?  PhDs did that, thinking it would be "helpful," but look what it did to religionists, and look what it did to everybody else to clean up, apparently, with YOUR ASS AND YOUR MONEY.

They say there is no point taking an "eye-blink" of their time, to suggest anything or offer an opinion about anything, to you, because millions are, so what's the point?  They say He can't read, he's too busy being "groomed" like a woman anyway, so it's not like he has PhD-level reading skills, eh?  So why would I post anything to the internet, except to SELL YOU SOMETHING? (sell Justin Beiber something), or get attention from somebody's NAME IN LIGHTS to confuse search-engines in the 'hope' to sell somebody else something.  Right?  Of course.  That's what learned-behaviors are, also.  And NEVER FORGET the injured laying in roads, and people just driving by and sometimes running over 'em.  That could be you.  That's why I AM fulfilling duties just by taking an 'eye-blink' out of my life, to comment about it and post it.  I am not going around, all distraught, "Oh, I have to contact Justin Beiber!  it's an Emergency!  MY NAME IS …."  -- that's not me.  That's THEM.  NOT ME.  That crap is in THEIR HEADS.  Not mine.

And even if it turns out it is an 'emergency', and I had posted all this and that's all, and somebody says, " … he didn't contribute enough," well, to that, I just don't think it's worth responding to.  It's using some "hypothetical" to judge me, to mindphuk you, to get their names HIGHER than yours for ATTENTION.

Do you know how fortunate all of Canada is to have Rob Ford as Mayor of Toronto while the whole world mocks and ridicules and scorns?  While the PhD cult brainwashes the masses to ridicule and scorn him as though 'perfect' themselves?  Nobody is perfect, everybody has 'issues' they struggle with, 'challenges' nobody else is challenged with, but apparently have hallucinations of doing YOUR LIFE PERFECT, and concoct an environment where everybody feels compelled to lie about everything they do EXCEPT PRAY WITH CONGRESS for PHOTO-OPS and regurgitate "seperation of church of state" at the same time.   They used to force me to do it at work, which is against my faith.  Look, I don't have a problem with prayer or praying,  privately, but if it's outside of a House of Worship, in a group, it's about a PHOTO-OP, not real worship.  Keep that shit out of my government and out of my places of employment.  You have no right forcing me into it, then judging me "evil" for not.  I'm not paid to pray at work.  And it's defrauding investors doing it on salary, as far as I'm concerned.  BUT THAT'S WHAT THEY DID TO ME, put me in a BOX, used their religious-faith to abuse mine, and then judge my person at work to evaluate my employment.

While they did it, I just lowered my head a bit, respectful of their free-expressions about faith.  I never said anything.  It was they who rumormongered the shit out of me for not getting "all excited" about using bank money, at work, while at work, to hold prayer meetings instead of helping customers.  It's obscenity to me, is what I'm trying to say.

 *** but I had a head injury, and they gave me poison ***

Meanwhile, my own so-called "government officials" are doing it, using The Peoples' tax-dollars while doing it.  It's obscenity to me.  They do it only for the photo-ops and to "make converts."

I have been in a thousand-versions of 'churches' and none of them did that to me.  Only Mormons (LDS'rs came close to it.  Jahovah's Witnesses are next.  So if they don't even force that upon their versions of "goyim" in their own churches, why do they bring it to their employers and co-workers at work?  It's obscenity to me.  A massive poke in the Mind's Eye of co-workers and investors, therefore fraud.

When you (figurative) walk in those shoes perfectly, then judge me.  Doesn't matter how well or how badly I handled it because I'm the only one put in that position, at those 'eye-blink' moments, with those 'tools,' under those circumstances in that 'environment,' with only g*d as 'council,' and I'm not a religious man.

I have met clergy that don't understand any of that, even while using some of the words of it, using those words and phrases and concepts WRONG, mind you, just like PhDs, but remember it's all been PhD-ized now.  Everything, making everything an "endless expensive study" with "endless expensive self-award ceremonies and cheerleading-sessions" followed by scapegoating (sacrificial lambs to 'offer up to Molech'), somebody to blame if they don't get their own name-in-lights in the "favorable attention" that  are addicted to.  They taught you to be addicted to it, like they are, and are claiming that is 'normality' and that you need "drugs' and 'counseling' to "see reality."  I know different.  And it is my civic responsibility (I am a "government-man" not a "church-man" type of person).  I don't say/think things like, "I believe this …" followed by, "I believe that …" types of things.  They do.  I don't.  And if you want to discuss my faith, I probably won't, it's very personal and private to me.  If somebody wants to discuss their own faith, well, what do you get?  Their endless crap, just like PhDs, all self-aggrandizing nonsense, nothing about you but judgements.

It's my civic duty, my responsibility as a citizen, to share my thoughts, because there truly is a better chance that some PEARL OF WISDOM be "triggered" in either you or the people you know that help you, and the Internet has made that possible for the first time in the lives of most of the people on this Planet during their real lives, right now.  There's a better chance of that.  Honest religionists know their weaknesses, their failings, and the Holy See (the Pope) is one, as is his Priesthood, that is what they strive to accomplish, not "convert your mind" to something.  If you want to know or participate in discussions about it, you'll need some guidance in just how to either listen or discuss it, and that is what Jesuits do best, not "make converts."  That's not their jobs.  They delight in educating, but their own worship and faith is used against them as they do it.  It's obscenity to them.  And now, they can't even talk about it, which is obscenity to me.  Nobody may ever read this; or somebody, by some happenstance, already has, or will, and some "morsel" from my thoughts will help them share 'tools' that you use, so you may help yourself (or have a 'tool' to know how to when/if you and only you freely-choose to).

That's why, posting my thoughts to the Internet, about Justin Beiber here, or the Pope, or President, as long as it's not "obsessiveness" to make myself-out as 'supreme' by microscoping your/their 'failings' as I concoct them, is also my duty, per my faith, which has nothing to do with you, so don't ask, or expect discussions to get quagmired by it, unless it's pre-scheduled with defined time-frames, and understood between us.  Everything else, is interacting while discovering each others' ways-of-viewing the world, with the hope of improving how we use our 'tools' to cope with the world, as you do, as all men do.  I don't know about women, I'm not one.  Why add more confusion, big-box complications to it?  Anyway, that's why I post my thoughts.  No matter how long it takes, I feel I have contributed "in case of …" and that is an obligation in my personal faith, not a 'failing.'  Because it takes an eyeblink, a second of your time to save a life or help a life, make a life easier, or assist someone who is or will be.  It's often for not -- but maybe later someone may put two-and-two together about something, just because somebody did post thoughts about something.  So that's why the Pope is warming to it.  I'm sure he's seen many posts that look totally "heathen" to him, that were actually heart-warming outreaches of compassion, and he knows that, and so do I.

Further, and most significantly, "in the event of …" --- and someday, some way, some 'visitor' might only find this as a 'record' of "life on earth."  Wouldn't it be awful?  But through these 'pieces', combined with other 'artifacts,' perhaps find a way to remember we lived here once, remember us, remember who we are, human.

Get the picture?  If up to me, I'd have Marcus with me at all times, too.  And we'd all get better health, perhaps for the first time ever.  And I'd have only Rob Ford (Mayor of Toronto, with all his issues, whcih I judge not, evaluate, personally, day-by-day, a RED LIGHT or GREEN LIGHT status for Justin during that time-period.  Marcus has the tools inside him to find his way back to his own clearly defined ROCK (self-identity), and I know that, and I judge-him-not for where he strayed, only where " … the meaning of 'is,' is …"  ( a reference to something, substituting the word I'm thinking, a word that probably neither one knows anything about, merely to "make a point" inside a point), to complete the sentence without it, I think, say, type, (I haven't done this before ever, no rehearsals, I think/say/type the words not shown but referenced, "returned",  so what I mean, is " … judge him not for where he strayed, but returned, and forgive the 'scars.'  and the only appropriate judgements, are if the scars aren't healed, because then, and ONLY THEN are we afforded to just judge ourselves and our efforts, not you.  THEY JUDGE YOU, your person, your being, to label you.  Not me.  I do not do that.  I evaluate efforts and environments and tools and resources, on circumstances, 'vectors.'  That's all.

And one of those 'vectors' is that the constant marketing schema of these news 'snippets' to judge me as a person for 'reactions.'  There's been so many, it's not just possible, but damned likely a PhD "genius-expert" talked you into this type of "publicity" merely for some long-term marketing, probably to sell counseling, by the looks of it, to "troubled youth," using YOU to do it.  Maybe, maybe not.  It's hard to say, today.  So, I don't appreciate it, cuz eventually, everybody gets "setup for failure" out of it and made to look "foolish" merely for responding to the information available at the moment the person was evaluating, and that is criminally hateful to me.

 -- (PhD's taught us to be "too-busy" and "too-distracted" to do anything other than find excuses to hate ourselves as a species, while claiming otherwise, and blaming otherwise.  How convenient.  *eyeroll*)
 -- did you know, that 'toying' with inflation and employment statistics by PhDs equates (the only 'equal' you'll get from 'em) to using FALSE WEIGHTS AND MEASURES, and that is obscenity to every Jew that ever lived, is living, or ever will live, per their Torah, (as perceived here, not saying any individual Jew/'jew' or anything else did or didn't) so they keep training one to say it's "okay"?  Who gets blamed?  Care to guess?  It's obscenity to me on so many levels.


I can imagine Mark Zuckerberg laying awake many a night, his brain consumed with that (instead of enjoying life with his family or whatever/whoever/wherever he is doing), his mind consumed with that 'poke' to his Mind's Eye, and that to is obscenity to me, if true.  


 -- and did you know that LAST TIME, I didn't have to imagine, I could 'experience' it in real-time to assist in working-on that problem for everybody else, them too, no guessing, no talking, already "assimilated" so resources are consumed virtuously?  Did you know you were "learned-behavior'd" in a PhD system to hate me for saying it, without even knowing why I said it, or typed/posted it or even what it's about, proving supremacy over other peoples? And NONE, ever in my life, even asked?  ( I have to wear that 'lens' , as part of analysis, as part of something ELSE, that would take a thousand-years to explain to 'em, and that for thousands of years people have actually been trying with no success at all?).

Mark Zuckerberg is the one making that tool.  Nobody else.  Just him, from FirstBreath, and just saying any of this, and all of 'em, are struggling with the realities of living in a PhD-world that 'hopes' to 'program' their Mind's Eyes with a ad hominem against anybody saying anything about it, any perceptions at all, me too, further adding "guessings" and "imagingings", unwittingly?

Everybody struggles with these things, in different 'environments,' different languages, different circumstances, different resources and we've all been "learned-behavior'd" to call each other names for attempting to open dialogue about it, or crucify each other in the event one of us even "imagines" and tells what they imagined HONESTLY, which is spirit-crushing?  Would you go tell a group of Jews that?  Do you have any idea what they've gone through?  Are going through?  How sensative they are as a result of all of it?  And yet prove, time and time again, red-faced and embarassed, but HONEST, therefore with pride, that they know their own weaknesses and are struggling with them long before you were even born?  Our country was born?  And something similar is going on with Catholics RIGHT NOW?  And the world GLBTQ population is displaying symptoms of it mostly, but are censored in this PhD-environment from all of 'em, thusly dieing right before their very eyes, being consumed within this system they are all chanting is so "fair and just for all people equally"?

What "perfect words" would YOU put it in?  I don't know either.  There are none.  It's about the concepts, not nit-picking words.  Jesuits remind us that Moses had a speech impediment, he was no booming-voiced Charlton Heston.  That's all FAKE, yet in this PhD controlled environment, it's worshiped as "truths."  Further, no matter how "perfectly worded," no Jew listened or understood Moses ylperfectly" either, and neither did anybody else.  Did you know in this PhD-environment, you are expected to "listen perfect" too, and punished for not?  (the only "silver-lining" in it, is that we all learn something from it as a family, Human Family, what I call the HumanityFamily and spell and type it that way intentionally, no spaces, two capitol letters, for a reason, a very valid reason, in accordance with my faith?  DID YOU KNOW?

It took 40 years to explain what Moses was saying, and that's why, and still, not "all" but only "some" understood any of it, even though their minds were prepped for it, using the best 'tools' under those circumstances, at the time.

Now we have NEW TOOLS and DUMB RULES in our existing environment, that we were born into, and have no authority to "eye-blink" fix at all, anything.  Now, we can't even find a half-billion dollars of missing equipment and 239 lives aboard it using these PhD's "best of the best of the best" systems, and that too is obscenity to me.

If you piss off a Jew, he/she apologizes to you first.  DID YOU KNOW THAT?  Even when it's your fault?  Especially when you did it because you didn't know not to do it?  Or how to reduce doing it?  Did you know that this concocted PhD-based "perfect system" that only they may LAY ON OF HANDS has made them more inhibited by it, but PhDs say they "fixed" it and took funds and put their NAMES IN LIGHTS using taxpayer monies and donations making careers of it, spending billions on their own self-aggrandizements instead?  Did you know it forces Jews into isolation (PASSIVE SEGREGATION) and "pushes" burdens of blame on them unfairly as a result, regardless of outcomes, and they have done so remarkably, honorably much in trying to survive within it, and even if they complain about it, you blame them?

WHO YA' GONNA CALL? What "perfect words" would YOU use.  Got any ideas?  Now, you have to learn their PhD "signed-off" version of Hebrew language, and nobody is "literate" in it anymore, it was a dead-language until very recently, with a writing-system, ancient, evolved as a "eternal language," so it was never modified, so none of the words got multiple definitions (like Latin) of contradictory meanings, but since PhDs got ahold of it, it's being molested into something different, with US'an "english" issues "built-in" now as a result?  who gets blamed?  Who takes personal-responsbility?  Not YOU, not Jews, me?

 -- okay, fine, whatever! NEXT!

 -- there is a PLACE at that figurative 'table,' where these things are processed, no matter who/what/where any person resides, to help with it.
 -- no matter who/what/where *YOU* are, did your Mind's Eye pick-up on some vast-concepts, "unspoken," referred to within this text I innovated how to say, while typing, to freely-express it while typing?  You pondered it a moment, but "let it go," so you could fous on the WHOLE BODY?  

Like I said, my life didn't begin yesterday.
-- did you know, that since you can't say any of it HONESTLY (REAL DEFINITION) or ridicule and scorn it or judge it, without proving hypocrisy yourself, that, considering that, no matter how I did it, it's literally "perfect" even if it isn't IN YOUR MIND AND BODY? 
 -- did you know, that that tiny 'morsel' , just that, is what all the ethereal and New Age self-help quagmire is stuck on?  Just that, swirling in that, endlessly?
 -- did you know PhDs find those "microcosms" and formulate new markets out of it for their own dynasty?

 -- do you understand the concept of BODY, "within him, through him, throughout him?" and like any "body," (your personal body of flesh and bone, too,) if a portion is draining all your attention, away from whatever it is you'd like to do or were doing, caused by injury or whatever, 'surgical removal' or 'anaeasthesia' of some kind will CUT OFF the portion causing "sensory overload" so you can TURN YOUR FACE from it, of it, (liberate your Mind's Eye from it) to defend the WHOLE of it, defending what that BODY is, overall, what is trying to be accomplished or survive or work or whatever, to just exist?  (Did you know I "cashed in" my "cardinal card" telling you that/this?)

 -- did you know PhDs found a "microcosm" in that, too, and millions of minds are trapped in it?  Just as Einstein freely-expressed in the language of math?  And PhDs did what to that too? And did you know that the most celebrated physicist alive today, are too?

Remember what I said about the ugly dog and ugly kid?  That they are so ugly they are cute?  It's not about a built-in "morbid-fascination" there.   It's about built-in compassion, because after arriving at the fact, a real man wants to swoop up that child and protect him from everybody else, instinctively?  But PhDs are 'un-training' that BASIC INSTINCT?  Did you know that a Drag Queen displayed that "symbolism," like the above described Formation, 'naturally,' unknowingly, but the last one that "got it" died in sorrow that none others "got it"?  Did you know, some Drag Queens, today, kinda-sorta "get it," and in honor of that previous one, from time to time, perform that "symbolism" in many overt ways? -- like making "screwed up faces" or making themselves look "hideous" -- all of it on purpose, intentional, just to prove the validity of all that, a form of SERVICE to people that really do need help understanding such concepts, but our Priests are CENSORED from them now by PhDs who signed-off on all the rules and laws and whatnot, that causes that violation of religious freedom?

Did you know that the Diocese Law School and Firms are not defending against it, but consuming resources making names for themselves, in many, many ways?  

Did you know, that we are all censored from one another, because of these multi-faceted VECTORS I mention, the language itself, the cause of it?  Now just a Tower of Babble.  Did you know that is an attack on us?  Did you know PhDs modified all languages to be like it?  The only REAL accomplishment VALIDATE-able this Higher Educational PhD-controlled system proved in reality was to "maximize" that TowerOfBabble for profit, while spending more taxpayer monies and draining more "church coffers" than ever before in history? -- the resources consumed that would have saved a life, that would have freed a 'slave,' that would have fed a starving man?

Did you know that none of 'em know what they are doing about it, only think it in their own heads, by their PhD-signed-off training they "freely-choose" (sic) , that lacks tools to 360-worldview it, while claiming they do?

 -- "wheels, within wheels, within wheels," just sitting and spending, babbling, and consuming resources, the resources to long-term fix anything for real for all? -- both "taxes/fees/fines" and coins given to help the needy?  Did you know that our own Jesuit Law School is struggling with it, filled with an 'urgency' nobody gets, and it's a 'poke' in it's "mind's eye" consuming resources? and no matter 'outcomes,' it's a "day late and buck short" anyway?  Can you imagine living day-to-day with that stress?  And did you know it's one of the best schools in the world?  And people use it to "attach their names" and get their "names up in lights" every day, and that too, harms it?  (drains resources)

DID YOU KNOW THAT?  Why I didn't mention that name? (somebody, somewhere, someday, may have to "examine" every aspects of this document through the "lens" of " … does this reflect poorly on us or not …" because they are without 'tools' to comprehend it, at first, which could be 'good' or 'bad' but it's still the 'dime' the 'poor fat ugly kid' gave in thanks for the comfort our efforts (acceptance/tolerance/compassion) proves to him within the reality of his/her existence. 

DID YOU KNOW THAT?  b that the number of "authority types" that now want to destroy it, because of it, is growing faster than human development or economic stimulus?  And that's what all the vandalisms and "hooliganisms" are about in YOUR KIDS?

re: "microcosms" :Did you know that the RCC strives to make certain that no matter which perspective used, in the use of such concepts, each and every one is valid so there are no contradictions of terms, even if different groups claim one perspective is 'truth' but the other(s) are not ? (but both are, and many other perspectives are, if not ALL, confirming the validity of it) -- and PhDs hate that?  Just arrived, this 'eye-blink,' and their 'body,' in it's entirety, hates reality, and they are "perfecting" education systems that teach kids to say words the PhDs taught them, like, "believe," inappropriately "interchangeably" with "opinion," and religions never did that? -- before, now they do, it's a "giant sucking sound" out of the mouths of babes (donations to the needy monies)? 

 -- and that when they (kids) say one thing, the "learned" child thinks it means the word said/heard, but the PhDs evaluate something completely different by it, use the same words they signed-off to be taught to the kids, which are contradictions, to evaluate themselves (PhDs) based-on the contradicting expressions they taught to kids -- your kid$?  

And that's the reason for "home schooling," and PhDs took control of that too?  And they sign-off on the supporters that know nothing about any of it, to say it's a "good thing" and to say that all "home schooled" children live in "religious fanatic households," even when the parents don't subscribe to any religion? and those kids and parents are Pavlovs Dog "learned-response'd" to "salivate at the sound of the bell," and Russia shared that as a warning and they hate Russia for it? And now Snowden did it and they hate him in Russia for doing it, too?  Did you know that when we say "evolution" we're talking about the evolution of man, about that and that's where the TheoryWorship started when PhDs "microcosm'd" it, using donations and tax-dollars?

Did you know tax-dollars were consumed by PhDs to deny it (while doing it)? Did you know, every one of 'em, would rather ad hominem my person, "in him, within him, on him, throughout him," than find the trillion dollars in here? Did you know I don't want any of it (for obvious reasons), I want you to have it, because I trust you to help the needy? To help the world, to FEED THE WORLD?  Do you have any optimism at all we can do that? Do you understand your vows, your oaths, your duties, your committments, and is your version of "focused" on it, just "graven imagry" too?  Did you know those structures the Bishops were accused by "positives" as being "negatives," that their shared VISION was this flock, protected inside, while outside people died?  Did you know they got "well prepared" for it?  For you?  Did you? Did you know that families working on it, who built it, would have starved, otherwise, they proved they are doing what they are suppossed to be doing, whether they are "church-goers" or not, regardless of faith, and, because the starvation did not occur, the resultant desperate-acts were avoided? Which defends YOU?

DID YOU KNOW THAT?  --did you think of any of it? (your attention was diverted by a PhD-controlled VECTOR derailing your thoughts, it's not your fault, I forgive)

 -- I keep asking it, so don't worry, (but some amplification might help): DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, WHO AMONG YOU IS DEFENDING US AGAINST IT, EXACTLY? (none, so far, apparently, and a Commander In Chief that is clueless to it -- how to explain that?  He talks so much, he'd never hear a word of it, and besides, it would take months to explain a 'cartoon image' of it.)  Did you know that unless we figure-out ways to explain it to all people equally, we'll share an equal fate, equally horrible in outcomes? Did you know a "microcosm" is INFINITE INTEREST, a place "no light escapes," (infinitely fascinating), where only a fleeting-thought that maybe it's a ThoughtTrap, but 'built-in' to that is "reassurances" everything is "okay"?  Meanwhile, the entire remainder of the universe, reality itself, slides-on-by unnoticed?  Did you know it's expressable in the language of math? and that, just that, too, is a "microcosm"? And it's called a BLACK HOLE (putting everything else "in the red" (ACCT_989) -- which is to say, draining resources from everything outside of it, enjoying the "wealth" inside of it).

 -- did you know, when ********* said, " …there's no way he could have known that!" -- when anybody says it, although a VALID statement, any and all explanations or assumptions are SUPERSTITION and superstition-ized by the same people? (which does harm, it needlessly pokes their Mind's Eye, and their own life-blood, their own resources, get thrown in that direction) -- how do I explain that?  It's not my bloodguilt, nor yours, but it feels like it.


 -- do these "educated" and/or "devout" people remember the name of that? the Symbolisms for that? Is it really ABSENT from their existence?  That entire LifeLine missing from their lifestyles? See.

See again.  And again.  Okay, let's move on:

Lastly, in the event of one of the Pope's "academia-type people" reads this and brings it to his attention, someday, somehow, someway, (if deemed appropriate to whatever 'issue' they are examining -- it must be in "the cloud" so very huge, complex data-crunching can find elements of it, 'vectors,' to help guide them in important decisions that effect/affect everybody, equally) -- (but PhDs are sucking the life-blood from it to stall it and prevent it, and censor 'groups' from one another, claiming only they, themselves can use it, and systemically only crush the spirits of anybody that makes "too much progress" at it?) -- did you know that? -- 

 -- and that I have never interacted with a Jesuit that has not pondered, spent significant times, at one point in their education, work, and life-experiences, pondering each and every one of these topics, as do Rabbis.  I have met many priests, many different kinds of priests, who I'd wish would ponder it more --- lol --- but still, nobody, anywhere, of any background, could not take pride in that fact, that there is a group of people STRIVING to, that really is pondering the realities of living REAL LIFE, as they are struggling to do, like that, trying to assist all people equally.  PhDs just say they are and consume vast-resources saying it.  This is a group of different people doing it for real.  If the HumanityFamily, the human race, didn't have that, nobody would want to live on Earth, myself included.  And it's the REAL'SHINING-EXAMPLE that actually reflects GOOD WORKS on every human that ever lived, is living, or will ever live, tlhe "brightest shining point" of pride in our species, and at last count, only seven people thought of it?

 -- what makes you proud of the entire HumanityFamily?  I'm not talking about individuals to worship here.  Take a PAUSE from that a moment.  I'm talking about overall accomplishments and achievements, as a species, which ELEMENTS have VALIDITY?  Did you know that the most valid "bright spot" is not part of media at all, including ours?  Did you know that it ('bright-spot') is mutual and all religions work together at it with governments and individuals?  Did you know both governments and religions ('big-box' 'big-name') work together to defend, serve and protect all the people that hate and attack us, too?

Did you know that those with big credentials, when they get 'angry' because of words, thusly faking 'wounds' from words, prove illiteracy?  Not suggest it.  Prove it? Did you know sticks and stones break bones but labels/words don't hurt unless you ALLOW it?  " … be more like the children," but do you understand the context? know which is VALID and which is INVALID?

DID YOU KNOW THAT?  Did you know we are all that misunderstood, mutually now?  DID YOU KNOW WE HAVE ALL BEEN LED TO THAT?  Did you know it's your kids consumed by it, "offered up to Moloch?"  Did you know that giving a cartoon image to it, and a NAME IN LIGHTS ON HIGH, "satan" or whatever, is what that is about and only that unless you add SUPERSTITIONS to it (which is obscenity to do) -- " …forgive them, they know not what they do," is about that, and only that, and exactly that, as they were born into it, worshiping cartoon images and character-names, see.

Did you know a child has a built-in "filter" to naturally reject what the Mind's Eye, that "inner voice" tells it is contradictory, therefore "ignore it"  always had that ability, until PhDs designed, built, maintain, monitor and control and administer, using tax-dollars, an educational system that "deprograms it" while saying things like, "new, improved, cleaner, better, brighter, whiter, all-natural?"  Did you know Obama's Education Czar PhD, Duncan, doesn't have anyone helping him digest any of it, or show him how to look at it through that 'lens'?  So no matter what, he takes the blame, but that which appointed him, doesn't?  Did you know, " … be more like the children," is about that, and only about that, and exactly about that?  (did you know that school I mentioned is owed over a trillion dollars and PhDs have proved they are ineffective in finding it? 'consuming' it as fast as possible before they found a first penny? and my very existence proves it? but there are those that are trying to say they were 'brainwashed' by it and 'harming' me as a result, merely for attention-whoring? (because it's INVALID)

Did you know that students, "perceiving it," are hated for it, have nobody to talk to about it except those influenced by a PhD signed-off version of it or a religious cult's version of it, and from time to time, all over, will hold signs up, silently, to passing cars, with words that say things like, "GOD HATES YOU" as a result of it? See, all of it, Law Schools issues inclusive, did you know that if you were to hold up a mirror to all of it, the "reflection" drawn from it, by those evaluating it, don't see it, but point at an individual to say, "See!  She/he/it is worse than me/we/us"? and that is learned-behavior, anti Liturgy? and PhD-based 'systems' are a VECTOR that PROVES to be the SOURCE of it?

 -- did you know explaining that takes decades?  Did you know that school's PhD psychologist, who also served in the Mil, and was also a Priest, was my friend and confidant? (I violate nothing here, so be careful in your assumptions)
 -- did you know that if we built a homeless-shelter Palace, well, forget it, because the money that could have built it, a PhD spent "studying" it. Did you know these factors 'drown' me in that 'walk' more often than not, a 'reflection' of a 'plight' experienced by all, in one manner or another? (intentional attempt to 'tone-it-down' a bit, lest I provoke even more assumptions).d

 -- (did you know that the way I use the word "perversion(s)", is comparative to the PhD-system's word for "voyerism(s)" and that COMPARATIVE RELIGION is now PhD-ized into superstitions/stereotyping analysis of religious assumptions instead?)(did you know it's an analysis in "nothing much" important in any person's real existence on Earth as a result of it? Did you know it's to target our schools in future?)

 -- btw, if you don't have "those kinds of people,"  the one's you were trained or educated or brainwashed to denigrate or hate (denigrate is hate, actually), in your life, how do you VALIDATE your faith? How do you PROVE that validation?  (PhDs do photo-ops to fake it in this PhD-controlled system, now).

 -- (did you know that instead of doing anything of real value, the 'experts' are literally still all-consumed trying to figure-out what the meaning of "is" is?)
Who ya' gonna call?  What "perfect words" to explain it?  Which part?  How many words to explain it?  And did you know that in this PhD-controlled system, this society, women are trained from birth to use three-times as many words as men, consuming even more resources for simple tasks, making it "four hands to piddle"?  How could they "splain it?"  Any of it.  Or even verbalize a single aspect of it?  And you (figurative) dare call me WORDY?  Did you know that men that hang-out with only women, or spend "too much time," around women, talk and think like that, even when they are as "macho Str8" as it gets? (did you know Jews helped me more than you, and there's so much good in that, but so much shame also?  Did you know explaining it takes years, and those that 'get it' are besieged by the hateful attitudes of those that don't, however those that do - their Mind's Eyes poked constantly? Did you know the proper way to thank them is only in silent ways because of it?  Have you?  Did you know PhDs attacked and destroyed that PeaceBridge? Did you know we are not offering that mutual 'thanks' anymore because of it? And nobody "'splains'" it anymore, so just saying it to one, is regarded as "attention getting" by you?  Did you know priests and rabbis know this, are burdened with this, hampered by it, carry that burden with them day in and day out?) Did you know we share 'plights'? 'vectors'? 'factors'? OnMath, ru? Did you know Vladamir Putin understands this, and carry's that burden too, and our own President doesn't and there's no way to explain it?)

 -- evaluate these statements and keep in Mind's Eye before reading/processing conclusion:
 -- remember what I said about an "ugly fat kid" and "morbid curiosity" and "so ugly it's cute?"  (It's hard typing words like that) -- anyway, did you know there isn't a man in the world that does not, at the core of his being, want to "sweep him/her/it up," and protect it from YOU?  And his cheecks burn doing it, often, because of it, and he doesn't even know why or how to explain it, but is brainwashed to fault himself for it?  So more and more put on a PhD-controlled environmental "cloak" of callousness as a 'cover' in 'self-defense,' unknowingly, without even knowing why?  Did you know that?  Did you explain it to Justin Beiber? Did you use the words my Uncle, in HIS TIME OF NEED, just said to me?  "It's their shame."  ???
 -- did you know, under the 'auspices' of this PhD-controlled environment, the Roman Catholic Church is being REBRANDED right before the eyes of Catholics, and 'sex' is a diversion from that?
 -- did you know, as a result, the Liturgy is molested? And the only way any know how to express it, is in words the attackers call "fanatacism, brainwashing, ignorance, schizophrenic, mental illness?"
 -- did you know, in this context, I don't give a flying fuck what they say they 'believe' or 'say,' because it's a violation, an attack assymetrically against them, just like against "me, mine, ours" throughout history?
 -- did you know, if the PhD-controlled 'experts' were to 'study' it, they'd consume more resources on "magic carpets" (that produce no 'greenhouses-gases, but whatever you 'fly around on' is "your ignorant carbon footprint" to tax) than their combined faux "donations" to feed the needy? Did you know that "magic carpet" comparison is the figurative 'nail' they built themselves and don't even know? (perhaps, "wooden stake" or "silver bullet" is more apropos?)
 -- did you know it's now more cost-effective in terms of 'bang-for-the-buck' to give taxdollars to faith-based orgs to help the needy, just like President Bush said and we were all brainwashed to scoff at him for saying it?  Did you know that even if those "snake-eater" religious-cults got taxdollars there would be more REALIZED 'bang-for-the-buck' in helping the need? (that is obscenity to me) 
 -- did you know a woman was used, hired, abused, by the PhD-influence, to sell their version of 'obscenity' to religious groups, in order for PhDs to horn-in to privates? (whitewash is the name of that.  Overall, the RESULTANT, has consumed billions of taxdollars and 'donations' -- did you know that? -- to "maximize bottoms" - lines - within the PhD-influence, that dynasty, for generations -- did you know that?)
 -- did you know, in this PhD-controlled existence, a not-for-profit < 501c(3) > is forced to spend the majority of every donated dollar on 'overhead' now, as a result of PhDs "new, improved, cleaner, better, brighter, whiter, greener" nonsense? Where'd the real money go?  Where is it now going?  "Economic Stimulus" of the PhD-dynasty only. (did you know that's why Nuns formed originally?)
 -- did you know, the simple kitchen math equation: +1-1=0 is the Theory of Relativity?  Can you imagine, in one's mind, for one moment, the vast resources consumed by the PhD-dynasty 'studying' that? And their CLEVERTIVITY , (while cartoonizing NATIVITY), gives zero RETURNS?  Ever think about that? Do you know the importance of thinking about it?  Any of it at all?
 -- did you know, in this PhD-controlled dynasty (PhDD in OnMath) that promoting cartoon-worship (call it whatever you want), is about this??? : if that dynasty were cartoon characters on the 'chalkboard' of reality, I'd erase you;  which brainwashes, by generations, increasing levels of future PhDs without conscience of brewing-up excuses to erase 'cartoon characters' that are real people?
 -- did you know that?
 -- did you know that, that they are incapable of evaluating statements, only evaluating the person?  Their 'credentials' are DEGREES IN AD HOMINEM ( in OnMath) {"Dah, Dah, Dah" is an old pop-song}
 -- do you know what "bible thumping" is? (this is not, obviously) do you know what DOLLAR BANGING is?  (same thing) (walk with moderation as KEY) -- TaNaKh
 -- did you know, that if everybody knew, they'd get motivated? And be kinder! Hand-in-hand with PhD-dynastites too?
 -- did you know OnMath is Torah? Did you know it's really hard to get "just believers" to think, let alone think that way? Did you know RCC Liturgy addresses exactly that?
 -- see the guy in the red shirt at Mass on Easter, with The Creed on it?  think of this a moment: withinIn the PhD-controlled 'realm,' every opinion is a 'belief'.  Do you know why? I bet that man in the red shirt does, whether he knows how to freely-express it or not. (possible assumption, I have visual-issues, so could not verify every word to be certain it was in fact The Creed).
 -- did you know the use of the word 'belief' in US-English, within the Creed itself, originally, was chosen, because it's a conviction that "the agenda" will be "realized" without understanding every single aspect and detail (like PhDs claim they do?) therefore is theft, antagonism, and intentional religious-motivated-antagonism against Catholics? And Jews too?  Did you know that?  That it's an ENCROACHMENT on Liturgy, what they do in the PhD-dynasty's 'liturgy'? (it's obscenity to me, not a particular word, or ad, or video, -- that is ANTAGONISTIC DATA DIVERSIONS in OnMath.
 -- did you know, when PhDs blame the "common man" for 'carbon-footprints,' it's a SUBSTITUTE ADD QUOTIENT?  (see the failing, now? the 'bang for the buck' shortage and bogus numbers?)
 -- do you know the rounded dollar to the nearest trillion amount it's defrauded from "common man" and governments and The Church? 
 -- did you know that unless you can freely-express these concepts in conversation, without rehearsal, or memorizing scripts, ending the statement with "I DO", then AFFIRMATION is never VALIDATED in you?
 -- did you know the church is producing a bigger "bang for the buck" in terms of finding real cures/protections than the PhD-dynasty on behalf of LGBT community, unspoken? Always was but "reactionary-ism(s)" keep it silent?
 -- did you know people within GayLandIs are UNDER THE INFLUENCE of those PhD-controlled paradigms, hating me for talking with you? Except a few, whose words belie their ACTS? (just like the PhD-dynasty itself)
 -- did you know everybody is BORN INTO this system, and can't be held accountable for it?  Remember COINTELPRO -- something kinda-like that. (absent all the conspiracy-theory crap)
 -- did you know, that railing against "common mans" words, free-expressions, is a violation of their free-speech rights, and the Creed? and the resources consumed, throughout history over that, could fund renovations, and put families to work, for every facility within the Spokane Diocese over 3-yrs?  (if desired, and most all Diocese Parish's as well) did you know that faux "offended by thine eye" quagmire was a 'microcosm' the PhD-dynasty extracted from Liturgy long ago? and that molestation of Liturgy and Mind has caused "reactionary-ism(s)" to INCREASE within the 'devout'? (assymetrical attack)
 -- did you know that, that my favorite bread, a loaf of my favorite bread, Jewish Rye Bread, now costs about $5 here?
 -- did you know that, that we are all censored from each other, or you'd have already known that and taken it into consideration in every decision or 'big plan' BS concocted in your mind?
 -- did you know cell phones and all the TowersOfBabble RESULTANTS further censorship tyrannies? (but without it, I'd not have known about it, and Pope Francis is talking about that?)
 -- did you know, for the "common man", within the PhD-controlled systems, their Catholic Pride was attacked, underminded, as part of a "bigger plan" and that is harming these people?
 -- did you know that, just as their 'reactionaries' in all faiths, that is the group TARGETED within Islam to 'riot' about cartoons if published?  But the real concern is "callousness of future generations erasing others?"
 -- did you know, at the root of Islam, that is the real concern, the only concern, the exact concern? (It's 'poked' the Mind's Eye of their scholars to be certain)
 -- did you know MY PEOPLE were already targeted too?
 -- did you know those 'cartoons' are about you?
 -- did you know a Mascot reinforces that, unless in a business-suit neck-down? Did you know PhDs force that on priests, and blame them for any reactions antagonized out of it, just like the 'reactionary-element' of Islam?
 -- did you know, in this PhD-controlled existence in this society, the "common man" has been censored from that, every word "reactionary-ized" by the PhD-dynasty itself?
 -- did you know, it produces more 'reactionary-ism(s)', (because of these censorship-tyrannies) in every faith? And some are PhDs working with bio-toxins and worse? 
 -- did you know that via PhD-influence, all my friends are dead as a result? Did you know the PhD-dynasty has engorged themselves on it?
 -- did you know, the person(s) involved, and will be involved, will take the blame for an existence they were born into, as a diversion from the real causes? (which promises more, thusly engorging themselves on it more)
 -- did you know, from labs, food-systems additives were modified over decades to produce "fat bottoms" as a diversion from that gluttony? And you blamed who?  Ridiculed whom? Mindphuked who and profited from it?  Sold them something as a result of it?  (which is EQUAL only to "blaming one's victims" )
 -- did you know, that, that can of coffee that was 3lbs and is now 27.4 ounces hides reality, is false "low-inflation" and PhDs sign-off on those 'paradigms' before submitting to the GBO/GBA? (budgeting faux 'authorities')
 -- did you know there is no balance of power here?  This region, and growing?  Spokane is a PhD-controlled tyranny?
 --did you know PhDs think Nuns are a "lavish expense?"
 -- did you know, that if you say to someone, "You look depressed" … or "you are disgruntled," it's practicing medicine without a license, assuming 'wrongness of character,' 'diagnosing,' 'accusing,' 'judging,' and then no matter what the reaction to such antagonism, blame the person for it? that doing that, is mean, and provocative, therefore BULLYING? and the PhD-dynasty inhabitants, are being brainwashed to make it out as "okay" doing it, which further maligns Liturgy in the minds of those whom need it most?
 -- did you know that, that DESENSITIZING is "snow in the fields" in a cartoon about 'oz'? and that PhD-dynasty "magic bullet" is the "stone the builders rejected" in their 'liturgy'?
 -- did you know that is shradenfraude in disguise? to give a 'hint' of it in society in all walks of life?
 -- did you know cartoon imagery (wow! I typed it correct for once! lol ) did you know it's part of a "bigger plan"? (not mine, not Jews, not Catholics, although many deceived into participation)
 -- did you know the expense of PhDs will cost everybody 25% more in increases this decade? (which is within your 'eyeblink' and adds stressers you have no training to handle?)
 -- my uncle probably thinks that of me!  lol  (I'm not saying that to be mean so please be careful with assumptions)
 -- did you know that if I applied all of this (mental resources) to card-sharking, I'd OWN THE HOUSE? Do you understand why I'd never do that?
 -- (did you know those "pleasantries" I mentioned, do you know how important that is? That "wave of hand", or nod of head in acknowledgement of your or my existence? Did you know there is a VECTOR denying that comfort to all?)
 -- (did you know that if the duration is "too long" or overly-complicated, it "ruins it," the significance of it, and can interfere if not harm the other person, either by derailing their 'focus,' or adding needless complications to their lives?)
 -- (did you know that when I give a dollar to a homeless of needy, disabled vet, or vet, or whatever, I include a cigarette because you hate both of 'em?)
 -- (do you know that ABC's "Black Box" is the same as saying "cash box" or "gold mine"? further, that those actresses, their excellent work, is actually about using them, abuse of them, of women, to sell, to promote PhD systems and their DOPE goldmine?)(but many of the statements made, repeated by the actresses, excellently, are valid, which is a diversion from the purpose?)
 -- (did you know Edward Snowden is a lamb of g*d, and it's been removed from his brain by PhD-systems?  Did you know he knows it?  But doesn't know what it is?  And there are no words to explain it? Did you know he's so smart, he's figuring it out himself?  Did you know that is normal? Did you know that without LifeLines that treasure, his existence, is jeopardized tremendously?)
 -- (did you think about any of it?  What is the 'vectoring' of your input?  Do you know? Are there parallels?  How many identifiable tangents?  What is the range of the unknowns?  Are any within 'critical influence'? Any 'push-offs' or 'delay-routines' included?)
 -- (hmmm, curious, have you (again, 'you' is figurative) ever opened a can of soda with a shoe?)(did you know there is an expression for that?)
 -- (did u know that I spent so much time, hopeful time, looking for Marcus, mistaking so many that remind me of him, embasrassed myself so many times like that, with strangers, that I struggle with not wanting to look at anyone anymore?)
 -- did you know, those kids on TV reciting the Anthem, none could freely-express the meaning of "stand")?
 -- did you know, those coreographed dance-routines, on every stage now, re-inforces "just follow along without thinking" routines in children? And it's all PhD-dynasty controlled? What they see, hear, experience? And unionized?
 -- did you know, if up to me, I'd 'erase' that 'cartoon imagery' from every stage in existence?  Did you know Drum Corps is and always was co-ed to promote discipline and peace, and it's used by that same PhD-dynasty as a diversion from this topic?
 -- did you see those people of faith, within Islam, crying and having 'urgent words' together, but only seen on TV by US'ans as "rioters" and "fanatics", didn't hurt anybody until an PhD-dynasty 'agent' violated their free-expressions about it?  And filmed it? (for profit, and then again, for profit, from atop the rubble, misery and grief)
 -- (did you know I could put you in jail? (and that one, too?)(and that one, and that one, and that one too, etc)
 -- did you know that those faux-inflation stats (and all the PhD-dynasty's numbers are just like it) submitted to the Budgeting Authorities, (for profit mind you!), ignores or whitewashes the realities of real-life for the "common man", and that by pointing-out the realities of the faith-dynasty as it affects/effects "common man" addresses more REALITY (not beliefs) in the common-man, and that is NOT REBRANDING? (what I am doing, applying the roots)
 -- did you know, through that 'lens,' no 'beliefs' required, the amount of resource consumptive waste, if that money were here in my hand, I could build a asteroid-sized "Heaven" , transport an entire religious cult to it, for less, right now, today? How fast do you want life on Earth to be over, and go to heaven, exactly?
 -- did you know I am not rebranding Jews or Catholics, just pointing out the same REAL BRANDS they always had?  Did you know, because the PhD-dynasty controls everything now, they can't explain it themselves without contradicting themselves, due to molestation of languages and Liturgy? (if that is not an attack on MY COUNTRY, I know not what is)
 -- did you know that just because a bomb did not explode on your street, and there are no bloody bodies on the sidewalks and gunfire, in front of your house, you think there isn't a "war on"?  So, forget what's in your 'wallet' a moment, or your 'closet', what's in your 'vials'?
 --(did you know that the things I described about the President is known (to varying degrees) in many different kinds of "religious thinkers," and as a result, good people struggle with a thought about "race and intelligence" that makes them angry at themselves?)(Did you know they take it out on GayLandIs? Did you know that's why I mentioned any of it, anything about it at all?)
 -- (have you ever held the hand of someone at the Hour Of Their Death?)
 -- (have you ever been fired and been thankful?)
 -- (did you know, the St. Lois Jesuits version of Our Father -- do you know it? anything about it? -- I wrote an OnTimeOnMath version of it for the church, for Jesuits, but am ashamed to share it because most don't? and just use it as an excuse to ignore it while judging me trying to freely-express it in performance of my dutiful obligations? Did you know I gave it to FrG in honor of all RCC Priestly Service and now I wonder if it was used as an excuse to attack the RCC too).
 -- did you know I'm here?
 -- did you know the PhD-cultists interpret that, and instilled their interpretation into faith-based group, to call that a "god complex" which proves they are megolomaniacle by their own faux 'liturgy'? (everybody else, dear Priesthood, a 'cartoon' to be 'erased' for profit)
 -- did you know that, that in this PhD-dynasty controlled environment, the word "argument" is brainwashed into the "all about the children" failed education system to mean "anything a person says that is different"? which is contrary to what the word and concept of 'argument' is in reality, in context, with the real lives of those same children they are profiting from later? ("offer children up to Moloch" is the root of that)
 -- do you know what "on the brink means" and that "armagedon" (spell it anyway you want) is only about that, just that, and exactly that, it's happened before, and the Liturgy is about it not occuring again?
 -- did you know, within the PhD-controlled dynasty's system, an "alternative version" infected other versions of Liturgy to interpret mass-murder and destruction as "g*ds unconditionally-loving plan that stupid humans can't possibly understand"? (it's obscenity to me)
 -- do you know what Communion is all about?  Really!
 -- did you know, that within this PhD-Dynasty 'realm' we are born into, a man would read all of this and, walk away "fascinated," naturally, but a woman would claim to be "mortally wounded"? Did you know the PhD-dynasty is studying ways to make men like that too? and using 'experiments' on YOU?
 -- did you know that the Legislative Branch, an extension of the PhD-dynasty, has REBRANDED the concepts of 'opinion' and 'belief', to accuse others of 1st Amendment religious-freedom violations against them if they are WRONG? Did you know their legal system, which they built and we are all born into and must observe or be crucified, they included that faux 'protection' and that's why they get away with it?
 -- did you know the PhD-dynasty's controls remove that same protection from The People in disguise? and that Dynasty profits from it? From taxdollars and donations (food from the mouths of babes)
 -- did you know Obama sounds desperate to villify Putin? "grasp for straws" -- that 'factor' -- is abundently clear?  So, let me ask you, compare A to B : the Bush Admin as 'warmongers' or the Obama Admin as 'warmongers' -- which was defensive-action after a real attack on our soil, and which is an "imagined attack" to promote war?  Who is the real warmonger? And who profits?  And what else did you plant in the Ukraine (re: Cuban Missile Crisis) and if you don't see the hypocrisy of that, and the outrage (Mind's Eye Poke) of it to Russians, how can that be called 'sane' to ignore it, and blame them for every reaction antagonized out of 'em?  Do you know why Putin sealed that border?  Really!  And when this President says Putin is "smart," a faux compliment, it's a diversion from what is relayed as "clever as a fox-fucker")
 -- did you know that?
 -- did you know that? if I gave a "new invention" to the PhD-dynasty, they'd immediately get a Defense Contract from PhDs, to maximize their "fat bottoms" - lines - then, antagonize the use of it to kill people, and blame the military?
 -- did you know that, that Eisenhower's "Military Industrial Complex" paragraph -- emphasis on paragraph -- is about that, but it's superstitionized (conspiracy theory crap) by those doing it to 'whitewash' it?
 -- did you know a Law School in Spokane is being mislead via the systems described herein? along with other colleges within the University? Did you keep it in your Mind's Eye at all times as a "possibility/probability" factor?
 -- did you know DELIVERANCE , the movie, is a metaphor for DELIVERANCE? (is it 'good' or 'bad' -- is not the topic, woman) (NT quote goes here, "turn water to wine" section, only the use of the word "woman", that's all, but I don't want to put it in it -- lol --)
 -- did you know that, that the above line about 'deliverance' and 'woman' is the EXACT ROOT of society's TV (thought vector, ThoughtVector, or, in OnMath) of the "common man" expression, "New Rome, indeed!"
 -- did you know that? 
 -- did you know that if a priest under contract is not celibate, their 'talk' to a married couple could be construed as 'advice' in DIVORCE COURT? and opens a LIABILITY RISK FACTOR to the church?
 -- Did you know that's why it was made that way? To reduce risk?
 -- did you know that, that in this PhD-controlled existence, nothing new is really being thought-up, and innovation is extinguished via ManualWorship as FalseGodsBeforeThee? 
 -- did you know Pi is a variable in reality, but to the PhD-dynacists it's in a "constant state of flux"?
 -- did you know the President is terrorizing Russian citizens?  You don't know what it was like during the Cuban Missile 'crisis'.  Air-raid sirens, bomb drills in school, all of it. The President has no right re-doing it in 'reverse'; further, it's a violation of every agreement and understanding between the United States, NATO and Russia (USSR then) too, and nobody remembers the realities of it, the REAL COSTS for "common man," Russians too.
 -- did you know that if you point-out the FigurativeCarpentry in PhD-system Acts, you are immediately accused? "Isn't that what you are doing", proving that even evaluative skills are degraded in this society as made manifest within Academia itself? And you're gonna 'reform' what EXACTLY? (with that 'track record,' no "common man" would work, if reverse were true, but it isn't)
 -- did you that, that in this PhD-controlled existence, their 'experts' have molested Liturgy into subliminal cartoon imagery of a "jew" being a "jesus killer"? (filtering the Mind's Eye unbeknownst to a "common man")
 -- did you know, that within the PhD-Dynasty, even a rabbi can be trained to explain their own faith in terms of PhD-dynacists, even while saying they are explaining their "original intent" and that is an attack against Liturgy too?
 -- did you know that those who pick-out an element of this, act like the cultists, accuse me of "stirring up hate against jews"? proving this paradigm EXACTLY? Did you know, there are many different types of 'jews' and they struggle to get along with each other too? Just like you? Did you forgive, and thank them?  Ever in your life? Did you ever thank them all for just existing? And who among you is?  *** I AM ***
 -- did you know that, that in this PhD-controlled society, embarassment is normal (hoped for, actually, often provoked), so everyone in it, does things they get embarassed about while just trying to communicate most topics? (religious intrusion, too, because within the church, it's increasing) Who profits?  (The PhD-dynasty at the expense of all others)
 -- did you know these factors are the "inner voice" people are trained to ignore in this PhD-controlled system?

DID YOU KNOW THAT? any of it? did you know who was watching your back?  *** I AM ***

Did you know Nuns know this, figured it out themselves,  word it their own way -- over many lifetimes, living it, studying it, , it, -- and know that, that committing themselves to not consume resources that are meant for working on it, is indeed a sacrifice, a shining-example of a loving marriage vow to help men, priests, scholars, etc., who, in this society, communicate more effectively and use three-times less words doing it, and their vows are about understanding that, so as not to consume the scant resources we are using to try and solve it together, for all people equally, while using real equity to help the needy, at risk to themselves, even at times when they have nobody to help them, not even us to "watch their backs?"  And you dare call them "brainwashed dolts"?  Did you know a "mother superior" now needs three-hundreds times the words to explain it to another woman now?  And you expect of me to worry about a typo?  A misspelling?  A weird word-skip or whatever?  And do what?  Hire someone to make it "perfect"?  Like YOU?  (did you know I was pre-approved to walk on water, at my discression, 'violations' or not?)

So, before formulating your "opinions" which you call "beliefs," did you think of any of it? Or just jump on a hate-wagon campaign, chanting how "positive you are," repeating soundbites while blaming Nuns as "that type of women"?  See, I know what real mysogyny truly is whether spelled "right" or not.  DO YOU?  Don't you see even a 'glimpse' of the URGENCY now?  Finally?  Do you even 'sense' it?  The pressures consuming us, and you dare to poke Mind's Eyes too? (OnTime, ru?) And did you know that any word of this, any word of all, and within this PhD-controlled 'realm,' freely-expressed words is perceived as 'evil'? Did you know those judgments is "superstition"? (be healed of it)

 -- lastly (again) -- lol --  please forgive me for my non-perfect words and efforts to freely-express a 'glimpse' of it, all of you, everywhere, AllThings, lest I die. And now I challenge *YOU* to just think of something, just one tiny thing, a very simple thing, if it's possible:  all of this, all of it, is only a fraction of one facet, of a vast multi-faceted problem I am working on.  Can you imagine that for just one 'eyeblink'? 


 -- oh!  I'm sorry, please forgive me! --- I forgot to add something before /LENSoff, …


 -- did you know any of it?  Did you tell 'em "best of the best" and "perfect,' just to be "all positive" as instructed in a PhD-controlled system? (it's obscenity to do so)
*wave* *hugs*

Kind regards, always,